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Until Dawn (2015)


I am a big horror movie fan, whilst not being much of a player of horror games. The reason may be that horror gaming is a field dominated by survival horror, and that’s a genre I’ve not found easy to love. 892 more words


Heavy Rain Review: Possibly the Worst of the Narrative-Driven Games

Heavy Rain. It’s a game with which I’m all too familiar. Having earned the platinum trophy for it, I know the ins and outs of every scene, every line of dialogue, and every variance thereof. 3,455 more words


Lucien's Unpopular Opinion: There is NOTHING Wrong with Child Abuse in a Video Game

My most anticipated game of 2018 (list coming out this month) Detroit: Become Human is coming under fire right now for a trailer in which the first character we got to meet in the debut trailer is serving a drunk asshole, and is party to the beating of a child.  1,187 more words


UK politicians lobby against Detroit: Become Human

For years now the gaming press and media have been screeching that video games need to grow up and tackle more adult and social issues. Ignore real word issues and these people complain that video games are ignoring them. 732 more words


David Cage and Video Game Violence in Detroit: Become Human

The most recent trailer for Quantic Dream’s upcoming game, Detroit: Become Human, has sparked controversy at the Paris Games Week presentation for its focus on child abuse and violence against women. 1,203 more words