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At the End of the Day

Tonight I offer you a subtle mélange of the real and the surreal. See if you can spot the difference.

In a shock, unexpected, left-field and totally predictable move today, UK Prime Minister Avid Cameldung announced to a silent House of Commons that his patience with the Vote Leave campaign was exhausted. 901 more words

CRASH2: Ignore what they would say anyway, economics is about to reset politics

Across the world today, TV anchors staring at falling markets, politicians facing referendums and Presidential elections, and bankers looking at credit crunches are saying daft things to try and make their… 751 more words

BORIS & BREXIT: Does he detect the wind is changing in favour of Vote Leave?


Whatever other weather vanes may be available for divining how the LeaveEU campaign is going, there is none more reliable than Boris Johnson.

I wonder how many of you noticed, sitting at the back of the assembled Commons clonoids last Wednesday, the engrossed figure of London Mayor and Uxbridge MP at one & the same time, Boris Jobsdone. 821 more words

BREXIT: It's not about nationality, it's about uniting against the sovereignty of the 1%

The craven face of appeasement

There’s a really incisive and all-inclusive quote from Nigel Farage in the UK media today:

“The logical, practical and safe thing to do is to cut ties with a failing political union and take back control of our lives. 633 more words

BREXIT EXCLUSIVE: Cameron, EU meltdown, migrants, Russia, Turkey and anti-US geopolitics

A mass online persuasion mission is under way that goes far beyond what the British electorate may or may not want from Camerlot ‘renegotiation’ of its relationship with the European Union. 1,033 more words

At the End of the Day

Between a Rock Bottom & a Hard Place

Something of a mixed bag tonight….gags, thoughts and speculation held over from previous posts that didn’t quite make it. 926 more words

BREXIT: Neville Camberlain brings home the bacon rind


I’ll try to keep it simple: let us simply return to Cameron last October 12th.

At the time, I posted this piece… 777 more words