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Remaindeers offer you a fog of fear. Leavers offer an avalanche of facts


Apart from the fact that it’s much nicer on every dimension to live in agrarian France, those still convinced they want to stay in the EU should be aware of the fact that an informal (but nevertheless very real) self-censorship by the pro-EU media right across Europe is attempting to paint a ludicrously rosey picture of the eurozone in other places where things are, shall we say, somewhat more tense. 1,009 more words

The John Whittingdale revelations make David Cameron look a lame duck | Voices | The Independent

After starring over five hugely entertaining Sunday newspaper pages, John Whittingdale is on the verge of a sound thrashing. And to any of you tempted to mutter “Nothing new there, then”, I say only this.  16 more words


Barack Obama says Libya was 'worst mistake' of his presidency

Barack Obama says Libya was ‘worst mistake’ of his presidency


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Greg Lance – Watkins

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it is hard, if not impossible, to disagree with Obama’s feelings regardimng his folly in Libya which together with the shamefull actions of David Cameron & cronies led to the gratuitous murder of Murmar Gaddaffi and the destabilisation of the region that continues to date. 1,570 more words

David Cameron must show us his bank statements.

Ironically I agree with anyone who hides their wealth to avoid paying tax. I would if I was fortunate enough to be in the same position.  962 more words

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Why the undecided Brits should listen to the radical realism of Viktor Orban - and Vote Leave

“We have learnt that reality is that which does not disappear – even if we no longer believe in it. This is why we always measure everything against reality, and why we do not confuse reality with our desires.”  … 2,412 more words