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ANALYSIS: history forgotten as UK foreign policy turns into Carry on Cameron

Ooooooh ‘ere hwah hah Eeiaow yersh

Some really very intelligent Western journalists – and one helluva lot of very lazy, conformist Labour MPs – are going to find themselves, in time, on the wrong side of both the heightened campaign of bombing in Syria in general, and the Turkish shooting-down of a Russian jet this week. 1,125 more words

At the End of the Day

Have you had a good day? It’s been a mixed one.

For Wee Geordie Osbooorne tha little wasta, it’s been an unmitigated disaster:


But then, in the wake of Paris it was a good time to give abject failure an airing. 357 more words


Them and Us

The only thing to be said in favour of the British Establishment is that, whether we like it or not, they have the electoral mandate to be doing it. 900 more words

David Cameron

BEHIND YOUR BACK: Secret EU deportation plan for migrants and abuse of QE revealed....reasons 39 & 40 for Brexit


Just as David Cameron thought things couldn’t get any worse in relation to the EU Referendum, they got dreadful. 627 more words

David Cameron

Johnny Rotten wonders how Piers Savile got away with it as Queen faces downgrade following Deutsche Bank jobs holocaust while Abe derivatives fall on threat by Yellen to merge UK and Sweden

You simply have to watch this video of John ‘Peabrain’ Lydon being interviewed by Piers Moron on the subject of Jimmy Savile. While few people deny that Jimmy was a little odd sexually, the two things to note are: 636 more words

David Cameron

HOT ISSUE: If you're going to have a meaningful Second Chamber, then you have to abolish the Monarchy and Party political donations first

The narrowness of the UK’s public, insitutional and Cameronian mindset about how equitable government can be achieved is illustrated above all by the erroneous belief that mass election is the only defence against authoritarianism. 1,062 more words

David Cameron

Cameron in blistering sex attack on television

The Prime Minister made the following broadcast to the Nation from Downing Street last night:

“My fellow Europeans not that I wish to bias your to the decision to… 686 more words

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