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MONDAY MORNING: Why, if you're in a financial-centre office, you'd be better off on holiday.

Vanguard Group Founder John Bogle says that $32 trillion in securities change hands each and every year, and none of it is of any use at all to the wellbeing of the Treasury, Government, consumers, savers, society, education, healthcare, transport, the economy. 495 more words

David Cameron

SELF-RELIANCE: The neoliberal success story is really a sorry tale of tribalist failure to oppose.

Things we can no longer rely upon:

The News

The government

Journey times

Ethics in public life

Truth in marketing

A job

Interest on savings… 202 more words

David Cameron

THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan

Westminster paedophiles, falsely accused celebs, and the perversion of justice: how May’s NVE legislation will render the Truth ever more remote

One of the many odd contradictions of British life in 2015 is that false accusations of paedophilia are far in excess of the paedophile population…..but the number of political paedophiles is far in excess of those ever brought to justice. 1,284 more words

David Cameron

GREEK DEBT RISES AS GOLD FALLS: are those who question why about to be "put out of action" by Tory anti-NVE nonsense?

Blessed are the gullible, for verily they shall swallow anything

If you’re eurosphere by perspective – and especially if you’re British – there are three big stories competing for attention at the minute: gold price destruction, the third Greek bailout, and David Cameron’s speech about tackling NVEs yesterday. 1,360 more words

David Cameron

THE SATURDAY ESSAY: How the Bollocks Culture came of age

A mad, minority approach to capitalism is being fostered by the misuse of media made more diverse and effective by technology. Confusion and doubt are sown through false witness and Mammon’s mouthpieces. 1,795 more words

David Cameron


“Oh I say haw haw haw, what a perfectly ridiculous idea”

Two unconstitutional laws in one day from the Party that used to stand for individual freedom. 673 more words

David Cameron

VIDEO: Daily Politics 8th June 2015

Mark Reckless, UKIP, joins David Campbell Bannerman MEP on the BBC’s Daily Politics to discuss the forthcoming EU Referendum

Mark Reckless