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At the End of the Day

Alright, pay attention proles. The Prime Minister is jolly upset that BBC radio put him in front of some disgustingly young British people many of whom have no future, and they gave him a hard time. 657 more words

At The End Of The Day



I once did a ‘POLITICAL COMPASS’ quiz which put me in the same MIND-SET as:

  • Neilson Mandela
  • Ghandi
  • The Dali Lama

Though if you want to put me in a box and label my political persuasion, consider me as… 423 more words

Brighton Politics

REVEALED: Vote Tory, Get Boris

Only Mark Reckless can stop Boris Johnson destroying our Hoo Peninsula.

Mark led the campaign against Boris Island, and won!

If, as expected, Boris is soon Tory leader a Tory MP here would be whipped to back his airport. 86 more words

Mark Reckless


Mr Matthew Taylor

(Shadow Sussex Police and Crime commissioner).

Dear Sir.

Thank you for speaking with me yesterday it was extremely helpful, albeit, that our conversation was cut short for some strange reason? 465 more words

Police Corruption

At the End of the Day

Here’s a thought to kick things off tonight: what does an undertaker undertake to do? We Brits call funeral directors ‘undertakers’, and this might be because they are forced by respect for the dead to travel slowly through the traffic, and so mustn’t overtake. 885 more words

At The End Of The Day

Why won't the Conservatives discuss immigration?

I was asked onto Sky’s Murghnahan programme for UKIP this morning to discuss illegal immigration.

I was initially told that I would be debating Nadim Zahawi, the Conservative MP who has called for an amnesty for illegal immigration, a proposal which Boris Johnson also previously supported. 192 more words

Mark Reckless