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Pro-Trump Fox News Presenter Calls for Reparations for African Americans

Last Sunday evening I watched a segment on Fox News that blew me away. Yes, that Fox News.

Firstly the issue was about race in America and the monologue was read by Steve Hilton. 1,012 more words

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OPINION: we don't need 14th century treason laws to make Brexit happen, we just need concerted will

 The Western world’s élite media set are not obsessed with Brexit: they are hell-bent on the destruction of everything Brexit is about. Cast adrift by the very politicians who claim to represent them, the People of Britain have one remaining weapon – electoral blackmail to threaten the political class with extinction. 1,836 more words

David Cameron

EXCLUSIVE: Why opposition to Brexit is profoundly philosophical

 Existentialism inspired the original Beatles’ haircuts and trademark black rollneck sweaters. It influenced the views of those who marched to Ban the Bomb. It won the world record for cognitive dissonance every year from 1956 to 1962, and was probably wrong about everything. 1,714 more words

David Cameron