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Don't Just Drug Me--Talk to Me!

“Medication has no doubt played a central role in helping me manage my psychosis, but what has allowed me to see the meaning in my struggles–to make sense of everything that happened before and during the course of my illness, and to mobilize what strengths I may possess into a rich and productive life—is talk therapy….It is, at the heart of things, a relationship, and for me it has been the key to every other relationship I hold precious.”

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Episode 81: David Carr, The Night of the Gun

This week’s book goes a little dark: a memoir of addiction and recovery by celebrated journalist David Carr, who recently lost a battle with cancer (after surviving lymphoma, years ago, an episode that’s detailed in the book). 414 more words


The Last Syllabus: David Carr Shows How It's Done

To My Hunter College Students:

About a year ago, I mentioned the extraordinary biography written by journalist David Carr, Night of the Gun. It’s the riveting story  of a guy who, despite doing everything possible to destroy himself (and I’m telling you: David worked as hard as anyone I’ve ever known to do himself in!), survives and thrives  as a friend, father, husband, and distinguished journalist. 378 more words

Andre Johnson makes it official, he's joining the Colts

The Colts’ whirlwind additions of veterans continued Wednesday, with their biggest get yet.

Veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson just broke his own news, posting an Instagram photo of himself with Colts coach Chuck Pagano, with the simple caption: “ 85 more words

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David Carr Quotes

David Carr a great figure from the world of Journalism. Some of the most cool quotes that inspire me.

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my twitter feed has gone silent

For a long while, I was off of twitter. I’ve never been a big poster, but I did have those that I followed and enjoyed reading the barrage of tweets and retweets from, experiencing the news and the world through their lens as filtered through the little blue bird. 588 more words


I recall reading about Edward Snowden‘s revelations concerning the NSA and the surveillance apparatus only AFTER he arrived and set up camp in Hong Kong. 1,093 more words