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2002 Houston Texans Opener

After three preseason games away from home, the expansion Houston Texans finally got to open Reliant Stadium on August 24, 2002, against the Miami Dolphins. 101 more words


Fantasy Football young guns; Who's high risk and who's got the highest reward for 2016? 

With the abundance of young blood introduced into the NFL’s quarterback position the past couple of seasons, it’s easy to wonder who’s going to continue to rise and who will fall. 1,045 more words

Fantasy Football

Episodic and semantic memory each lie in different ways, but each is eventually deployed in service of completing a story. Stories are how we explain ourselves to each other with the remorseless truth always somewhere between the lines of what is told.

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Writer's Desk: It Beats Working, or Does It?

The late David Carr (Night of the Gun) was the kind of writer who reminded writers why they loved their jobs. He suffered for the job, but also thought it was a blast, and tore poseurs to pieces. 135 more words


Everyone works for someone. The hooker is either working for the pimp or her two-year-old. The stripper works for the dope dealer or the no-good boyfriend.

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Muskie fishing is an apt metaphor for the lot of the common man. You could make as many as twelve thousand casts on average before you caught one.

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Truth is singular and lies are plural, but history—the facts of what happened—is both immutable and mostly unknowable. Can I somehow remember enough to type my way to an unvarnished recitation of what happened to me? No chance.

– David Carr

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