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I think Louis CK has the best explanation of why flying is the greatest thing ever invented and why you’re a shit bird if you’re going to complain about it: 522 more words


Happy Birthday to Nicolas Cage (1964) and David Caruso (1956)

Nicolas Cage is a longtime actor who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1995 for his role in Leaving Las Vegas. He has also starred in such films as Gone in Sixty Seconds, Con Air, The Rock, National Treasure, Face/Off, Raising Arizona, Kick-Ass, Matchstick Men, Moonstruck and Adaptation and he provided the voice for Grug in The Croods. 48 more words


Not to sound too pathetic, but there have been long stretches...

Not to sound too pathetic, but there have been long stretches where I haven’t been able to get a job. – David Caruso: http://dlvr.it/D5ndNG

David Caruso



NYPD Blue is an American television police procedural set in New York City, exploring the struggles of the fictional 15th Precinct ofManhattan. Each episode typically intertwined several plots involving an… 3,485 more words