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A Letter To Myself At Sixteen

Dear Amy, 

How have you been? Of course, I’m asking more out of politeness and courtesy than anything else. If I think back hard enough I can remember how you have been feeling lately, how I was feeling six years ago. 978 more words

#1330 - CSI: NoVA

I will never not find CSI: Miami jokes funny. Anytime you can end something with a one-liner segueing into Roger Daltry screaming, “Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!” in that throat-rending way, it’s comedy gold as far as I’m concerned. 27 more words

Sketch A Day

David Caruso's Famous One-Liners From CSI Miami [Video]

Lead actor David Caruso, playing Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami, was given, by some very clever staff writers, the gift that keeps on giving:  The so-bad-they’re-good  9 more words

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I think Louis CK has the best explanation of why flying is the greatest thing ever invented and why you’re a shit bird if you’re going to complain about it: 522 more words