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The Perfect Holiday Album #KoreanJesus

David Choi

I first discovered this singer through Wong Fu Productions and their channel. The music video for “By My Side” was first posted on Wong Fu Production’s channel five years ago, when Youtube was still relatively new. 217 more words

When Asian YouTubers tries to be a Kpop Band

Guys, are you sick and tired looking at your girlfriends ogling at Kpop bands and ignoring your presence? These girls can spend hours watching videos after videos. 117 more words


BgA - Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) Lyrics

BgA – Dong Saya Dae (똥싸야돼) M/V :


Yo, you already know




BOYS generally ASIAN… 377 more words


BgA's Dong Saya Dae dance rehearsals and making of it~

credits: More Wong Fu@YT

i’m glad they’re all having fun and i love seeing the behind the scenes where you see everyone who is involved help make this happen. 116 more words


BgA's dance practice of 똥싸야돼~

credits: More Wong Fu@YT

and it gets better and better~ and the dance practice was cute from the little mess up that just made them lose “focus” and then just ending it there because no more dance after the whole dance that features KINJAZ. 44 more words


the dance version of BgA's 똥싸야돼 is out!!

credits: Wong Fu Productions@YT

and the dance version is here!! haha can’t wait for more videos. and actually the dance choreography for this isn’t so bad. 59 more words


teaser of BgA's Dong Saya Dae~

credits: HigaTV@YT

credits Wong Fu Productions@YT

although i already posted the full video, here is a teaser version from both channels for more exposure and if you’re not sure if you wanna watch the full one yet if you haven’t. XD anyways, yeah~ enjoy!! =]