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Broadway Review: Romance and longing at the forefront of magical 'Band's Visit'

Recently, I attended the American Theatre Critics Association conference in New York City, where I saw four Broadway shows for review. The first of my four reviews is… 1,008 more words

Broadway Review: 'The Band's Visit'

The set’s a bit grander and the music sounds richer, but success hasn’t spoiled this embraceable musical fable about the surprising friendships that bloom in the middle of a political desert. 940 more words


Son to Forgive His Betraying Mother? Ask “The Treasurer”

What happens to a 13-year-old boy when his mother leaves the family for another life? “She left and poof, there went our family,” says our narrator, called Son (Peter Friedman), the abandoned adolescent now a middle-aged man. 624 more words

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The Treasurer: One Dark and Funny Mother's Day Card Here

The Treasurer: One Dark and Funny Mother’s Day Card Here

by Ross

Downstairs on the main stage at Playwrights Horizons, there is a beautiful and complicated play that is stemmed from the love of a mother, and revolves around the death of a father.   958 more words

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“Man from Nebraska” – Touching Play with Outstanding Performances

By Karen Isaacs

 Reed Barney and Annette O’Toole are giving a master class in acting at Second Stage in Tracy Lett’s play Man from Nebraska… 964 more words


The Band's Visit: The Perfect Scent of Jasmine

The Band’s Visit: The Perfect Scent of Jasmine

by Ross

Midway through this lovely musical, an Israeli woman, Dina (an absolutely fierce and fantastic Katrina Lenk) in the small desert town of Bet Haatikva sings an enchanting song called “Omar Sharif” to a visiting Egyptian man. 928 more words

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