Why Some People Are Born To Travel: The Wanderlust Gene

Science may have proven people on the African continent are carriers of the DRD4-7R gene – The Wanderlust Gene. 439 more words


Dandelion or Orchid -- Which Are You?

Every six or seven years I head back into therapy for a mental tune-up. I dig the process, so every once in awhile I might share some insights from my sessions with “Doc,” my awesome psychologist. 480 more words


The Downside of the Downside of Resilience: A New York Times Oped Ventures Into Dangerous Territory

Although we take seriously the threat of genetic discrimination, there aren’t a lot of examples you can offer. In my ethics class, I discuss the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case — everyone discusses the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad case, not because it is such an interesting precedent but because it is all we’ve got. 733 more words

Laura Hercher

The Fault in Our HBD

I recently blogged in HBD vs DNA, about how PZ Myers – who blogs Pharyngula at ScienceBlogs – took Nicholas Wade to task in  361 more words


Being Quiet

We come across them everyday. In schools,colleges;friends,relatives. They may gaze outside the window for hours, unfazed by others around, lost in thought. Generally labeled as quiet, shy, reticent, they are sometimes shown concern by socially exuberant types. 811 more words

More on the selfish gene

This is a follow up on the controversy that followed David Dobbs piece entitled “Die Selfish Gene, Die”. Dobbs published a revised and much improved… 2,436 more words