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Plunder of the Sun, by David Dodge

As I’ve been reading through the titles of the Hard Case Crime series of paperbacks, I’ve found most of them entertaining at minimum, and frequently highly satisfactory. 2,641 more words


Yedlin: Pipelines, trade still dominate discussions

Calgary was buzzing with stimulating conversation and ideas Wednesday.

Within a span of two hours, those fortunate enough to hear ex-Bank of Canada governor David Dodge or former prime minister Stephen Harper ā€” or both ā€” speak at separate events were left with plenty to ponder. 871 more words


To Catch a Thief (1954) - reviewed by George

Highly entertaining and beautifully photographed, with a really smashing score, Alfred Hitchcock’s 42nd film unflaggingly kept my interest. The film begins with shots of women screaming right into the camera that their jewels have been stolen, and then cleverly intercuts shots of black-gloved hands doing the stealing (one with the jewels being removed from under the pillow of a sleeper), with shots of a black cat walking on roofing. 498 more words


Dark clouds obscure sunny ways

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Davos, as I write, telling the great and the good that Canada is a wonderful place to do business, but Andrew Coyne, … 943 more words

Justin Trudeau

Braid: NDP plans sharp course change in new budget

The racket over Bill 24 will seem like a bluebird’s song compared with the coming uproar over the next NDP budget.

The annual fiscal plan is being created even now in treasury board meetings and private sessions with ministers and officials. 644 more words

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Bank of Canada caution on rates a mistake as debt swells, Dodge warns

One of Governor Stephen Poloz’s predecessors says the Bank of Canada’s current approach to increasing interest rates is too cautious.

David Dodge, who led the Canadian central bank between 2001 and 2008, thinks Poloz should focus more on the long-neglected issue of financial stability and take the opportunity to raise rates now that the economy is running more or less at potential. 894 more words


We Pay Our Taxes Just Like They Say*

A lot of us grumble about paying taxes. I know I do, at times. But taxes fund our infrastructure, among many other things. And Iā€™d argue that most of us like it when roads and bridges are maintained, letters and parcels delivered, fires put out, and so on. 1,125 more words