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The X-Files (Season 11)

What is it?

The 2018 American science fiction television show The X-Files (Season 11).

What is it about?

This is how Metacritic describes this television show: 194 more words


Project Crossroads: Where does The X-Files go from here?

The X-Files, one of the most recognised and beloved television properties of the last three decades, lies once again at a fascinating impasse.

‘My Struggle IV’, … 2,306 more words

The X-Files

The X-Files - 'My Struggle IV'

WILLIAM: I know the truth can only come from my father, a man I’ve only seen in my visions, but who I already know I hate…

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The X-Files

'The X-Files' Season Finale: William Returns & [Spoiler] Dies -- But Are They Really Dead?

Finally, some answers! ‘The X-Files’ delivers the truth about William in the season finale, but still leaves us hanging with a major cliffhanger. Who is William really, and what does this mean for Mulder and Scully? 690 more words


Mark Snow- The Truth and the Light: Music from the X-Files

I am a huge X-files fan. It has been killing me working Wednesday nights and waiting for the episode to come up on amazon the next day (while avoiding the urge to look up spoilers)! 326 more words


The X-Files 11.08 Review: Familiar

If there’s one thing The X-Files does best, it’s creepy monsters roaming dark, misty woods. Say what you want about the show, but it’s always succeeded in utilizing the best horror movie tropes, making the everyday seem absolutely terrifying. 581 more words