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An Audio-Book Review: A Memoire of a Beautiful, but Temperamental Woman

Polgara the Sorceress

By David and Leigh Eddings

Published by Recorded Books for the Blind

Read by Roy Avers

The Book:

Is it greed or laziness that leads an author or film-maker to produce prequels? 898 more words


105: The Redemption of Althalus

If you think the Belgariad and the Malloreon would’ve been much more interesting if Silk were the main character, then this is the book for you. 320 more words


"Night Walks": A Few of My Favorite Things, Part One

(a very slow night at work, this Friday night/Saturday morning… which is a good thing for interstate drivers)

For those who read this blog, and aren’t friends with me on Facebook or real life, here are some of my ‘favorites’. 859 more words

3 Day Quote Challenge - Day 1

Okay, I was nominated for this by Rose on A World of Many Adventures quite a while ago so I’m finally doing a response. Thanks for the nomination, I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about what quotes to share. 109 more words

Open Your Mind

Tuesday October 4, 2016 #834

“Once you’ve decided that something’s absolutely true, you’ve closed your mind on it, and a closed mind doesn’t go anywhere. Question everything. 133 more words

A-Z of Fictional Characters: G is for Garion.

Garion is the main character in The Belgariad series by David Eddings.
This consisted of five books; Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magicians Gambit, Castle of Wizardry… 491 more words

A-Z Of Fictional Characters

30–34: The Malloreon

The richer, more mature sequel series to The Belgariad. The world becomes more nuanced, old enemies more human. The plot is slightly contrived, given how much the Event of the Belgariad was built up to be the ultimate decider, but I think Eddings manages it reasonably well. 430 more words