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KUSO – Your God is from the Underground

So the other night I made a bunch of people watch a movie about anuses with me. That movie was Steven Ellison’s KUSO.

It had been on my radar for a little while as it had stirred somewhat of a controversy at Sundance (I always perk up at the thought of snotty white people walking out of a theater) and I knew it would work amazingly as one of my ice-breaker movies. 926 more words

'Kuso,' the Intriguingly Disgusting Feature Film By Flying Lotus and 'Salad Fingers'' David Firth, Gets a Release Date

Before we get into news about the release of Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus’ first feature film (which is a collaboration with David Firth, creator of a certain old friend named Salad Fingers), 613 more words


David Firth shows us the dangerous wonders of "Cream"

Mixed-media artist David Firth (@DAVID_FIRTH) perhaps most well known for his bizarre, unsettling yet endearing “Salad Fingers” series is still at it and taking the strange to new, chilling heights. 380 more words


Pursuing Wisdom: A Review of "Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom Literature"

*This post is by guest writer Chris Wermeskerch. Chris is currently a M.Div. student at Northern Seminary. He loves memes, theology, Star Wars, and God. Not always in that order.  1,251 more words

Book Reviews

Printed books are not only for old fogeys like me

Comic artist and illustrator Lucas Levitan’s particular talent is to superimpose his bulbous-nosed cartoon figures onto actual photos he has found, mostly on Instagram. I think his illustrations and videos are charming and playful, but occasionally one might cause me to wonder “ 195 more words

Comic Books

A Conversation with my Addiction (2016)

Written and Directed by Daryl Devine.

A man is trapped in his bathroom until he can overcome an addiction. But, the addiction fights back.

Starring James Penders.

Music by David Firth.

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