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Kuso (Ellison, 2017)

Look, I give points to Kuso mastermind Flying Lotus for putting something like this out there. It’s so outré for a film, reveling with Bacchanalian frenzy in the mire of the abject that makes body horror the flesh-crawling experience that it is.  312 more words

Music Worth Yr Time This Week: Oct. 30-Nov. 3

While there weren’t any gargantuan releases that stood head and shoulders above the rest this week, there were a few that offered a healthy escape from the normal! 246 more words

David Firth

David Firth releases debut Locust Toybox LP, 'Drownscapes,' through Brainfeeder

Despite all that he’s been up to in the past decade, David Firth is still best known as the creator of Salad Fingers, the Boards of Canada-soundtracked Youtube series about a creepy creature’s quest for the perfect rusty spoon and other general weirdness.   61 more words

Electronic Music

How to make a tea without water - Video

You can’t.

Read a book, people.

Oh, and here’s a video as I promised:

News And Farts

Salad Fingers Explained: 30 Mind-Blowing Minutes of Horror

You remember Salad Fingers from the early 2000s?

This ten-part series of Youtube videos by creator David Firth disturbed us all back in the day. Whether it was the sickly green series character talking to finger puppets, orgasming while rubbing rust, or lactating through a swollen nipple, these videos fueled the nightmares of plenty of kids as friends dared each other to watch them alone in the dark. 165 more words


KUSO – Your God is from the Underground

So the other night I made a bunch of people watch a movie about anuses with me. That movie was Steven Ellison’s KUSO.

It had been on my radar for a little while as it had stirred somewhat of a controversy at Sundance (I always perk up at the thought of snotty white people walking out of a theater) and I knew it would work amazingly as one of my ice-breaker movies. 926 more words