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I Never Promised You an A*- Part 3

Dilton swings his axe, but my neck is no longer there.

Well, it is.

But it’s also everywhere else in the universe, so I win. 314 more words

Short Stories

Short movie roundup Feb 03 2019

I decided that I really needed to put some effort into these shorts, if I’m ever going to get back up to date with things! And with the release of Salad Fingers Ep. 961 more words


"Salad Fingers" returns after a five-year hiatus!

It’s been five years since the haunting, dreamlike visage of Salad Fingers graced our digital screens with a new episode. But thanks to fan funding, episode 11: … 46 more words

David Firth's Umbilical World

David “Salad Fingers” Firth has made a new feature-length movie, Umbilical World.

Umbilical World is my feature length retrospective assemblage: 13 years worth of animated madness, stitched together to form a single stream of nightmare consciousness.

41 more words

Weird of the Day: Flying Lotus, "Ready Err Not"

Today’s weirdness comes from reader MyaIsDead, who belatedly brought to our attention the so-insanely-gross-you-can’t-stop-watching video for Flying Lotus’ “Ready Err Not.” FlyLo’s work here in Los Angeles is hard to escape; he more or less single-handedly invented the experimental fusion of hip-hop and glitchy electronica called “beat music” and was the most famous product of Low End Theory, the long-running Northeast L.A. 118 more words

Weird Of The Day