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A call to India

March 8th, 2015

We drove out to an event this afternoon where David Frawley and Shambhavi were being honored, among others.  There were sermons, and ceremony and picture taking, I know it is an important event for all involved, but I am too tired to recall why.  197 more words

7 Most Prominent Proponents Of Ayurveda Over The Ages

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Ayurveda, an Indian tradition of natural medicine and holistic healing, is one of the oldest systems of medicine to be in prevalence in the 21st century. 828 more words

Atreya Punarvasu

David Frawley: US historian insists 'Aryans were indigenous to India' - Heena Kausar

“There is no literary evidence of an Aryan invasion or migration. So called textual references to Aryan invasion or migration require changing meaning of words and taking them out of context.” – Dr David Frawley… 333 more words


Why tradition ?

Religious tradition has often been a negative factor in the world. It sets up various authorities and conditioning patterns that stifle individual intelligence and creativity. It establishes vested interests who war with one other to control the minds of people. 300 more words