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Либертарианство и принцип ненападения

В последнее время в Либертарианской Партии велись многочисленные споры по поводу того, что такое быть либертарианцем. Главный предмет дискуссии – является ли принцип ненападения главным принципом либертарианства.


On November 24, 1969.

On November 24, 1969, “Straight Records” label released “Blue Afternoon”, Tim Buckley’s fourth studio album. “Blue Afternoon” was recorded in 1969 and was produced by Tim Buckley. 55 more words

Portrait: Alan Adler, inventor of the AeroPress and Aerobie

Meet the inventor of the Aerobie flying disc and AeroPress coffee maker! – A portrait by David Friedman.


Creating a Writerly Web

I stare.

I sigh.

I pick up my glass of iced tea and swallow.


My hips twist as I sit in the chair, the one in front of the computer. 286 more words

David Friedman on Judging Outside Your Expertise

David Friedman writes:

Accepting the views of experts on a question you are not competent to answer for yourself, assuming that you can figure out who they are and what they believe, is often a sensible policy, but one can sometimes do better.

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O que de melhor li no trimestre

Depois de um “ano 7 x 1”, comecei 2015 com o pé direito e tenho mantido o aproveitamento do Dunga: fui aceito pela minha futura esposa, me tornei diretor do instituto qual faço parte e estou… 454 more words