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Shaun vs. Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

Eight months after re-animating the dead, Drs. Herbert West and Dan Cain continue their efforts to bring back the dead with a new plan to re-animate Dan’s old girlfriend, Frankenstein-style. 742 more words


Child abuse - Police and council officers caught destroying evidence and falsifying records

Senior social workers and police officers falsified and destroyed records after Kids for Cash UK exposed evidence of harm to a twelve-year-old Derby boy whose mother was found by a court to have made multiple false allegations of domestic violence. 533 more words

Kids For Cash UK

First year law student spots that student loans' terms and conditions are not applicable...

A first year law student has caused turmoil within the Student Loans Company (SLC), the body set up by government to oversee university loans and grants, by pointing out that its terms and conditions are not applicable. 735 more words


Shaun vs. The Evil Clergyman (1987/2012)

A woman returns to the home of her lover, a clergyman, who had committed suicide only to be tormented by several entities in the house, including the spirit of her former lover. 685 more words