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Music Video of the Day: Thunderstruck by AC/DC (1990, dir. David Mallet)

I’ve mentioned this song several times as an odd exclusion from Clear Channel’s post 9/11 no-no playlist, so I figured I’d actually get around to talking about the music video. 383 more words

Music Video

Mill Mountain Poem Written 100 years Ago.

Just like the little girl who wrote the poem about Roanoke’s Mill Mountain which was published In The World News June 9, 1916, I always felt comfortable having mountains around me. 342 more words


Gone RuleBreaker Shopping!

This month’s tracking portfolio, David Gardner’s Stock Advisors Rule Breakers, monitors the progress made over the last 14 years.

It’s a dashboard that the Plungers Investment Club would love. 419 more words


Context Among Chaos

Achieving and documenting incrementally higher returns.  It matters.  The power and potential are significant.  In a brief discussion with an investment industry colleague yesterday, we lamented the charlatans and carnival barkers in the investment arena who soap box about spectacular returns.  168 more words