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Peaks & Valleys, Vol. 7 feat. David Gardner

Rae Richards, 129 TESS

Welcome to a column meant to explore the highs and lows of Peace Corps volunteer lifeā€”in Thailand and beyond. Each month, we highlight a current Peace Corps volunteer somewhere in the world and discuss the best and most difficult experiences that they have had in the last month. 1,167 more words


Waffles with Draw-ers (Super Thanksgiving Edition): David Gardner

David Gardner illustrated my first picture book, Sarah Gives Thanks. His work turned my pretty good manuscript into something great — and for that I will be forever grateful. 1,162 more words


I may have found the most incorrect analysis of Ben Simmons' game ever written

I’m not a huge fan of looking back at old predictions or player analyses and mocking them for how incorrect they turned out to be (unless they come from @OldTakesExposed, then they’re just hilarious). 530 more words