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The "Goliath(s)" In Our Lives

Many times in vain I attempted to hear from God what is going on in my life as it beset with problems and struggles. Just few weeks ago, with a bated breathe and a heavy heart I entered into God’s sanctuary, ceased striving and kept still that I would find rest for my soul. 435 more words

God Matters

Champion Warfare

There is an ancient practice in battle know as champion warfare. Instead of the armies engaging in battle with both sides suffering much bloodshed, the generals or kings put forth their champions to fight in single combat with the winner taking all. 324 more words


Resensi Buku: "David & Goliath"

Malcolm Gladwell adalah salah satu kontributor majalah New York Times. Beliau juga adalah pengarang buku The Tipping Point, Outliers, Blink, dan lain sebagainya termasuk buku yang saya buat resensinya kali ini. 823 more words


Thoughts on Narratives

There are lots of ways to preach a passage of scripture.  One is to put the narrative into a formula such as this: Give it a title; identify a thesis, make three points, preferably alliterated, and find other stories to illustrate. 375 more words