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How was it possible?

David vs. Goliath? How was it possible that little David won the battle?

It was a little guy vs. a BIG Giant! Sort of like the tug-of-war we set up last week. 375 more words

Family Time - Questions

February - March 2015 Schedule: David & Goliath

Our kids recently learned about David in the story of David’s anointing as Israel’s next-in-line king. Now we turn to a more familiar story of David, and his encounter with the giant Goliath. 563 more words


Welcome Home SodaStream, a David among Goliaths

Since my banting stint, I’ve cut down on soft drinks replacing them with sparkling water. This has been great from a health and vitality perspective. The one thing I was however, not ready for, is that buying bottled sparkling water can be costly. 560 more words

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