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The First Time is Not the Charm: "Bolero" (1984)

              “Bolero”    (1984)

     Has there ever been a more overwrought, exhibitionistic vaudeville designed to celebrate the loss of virginity than John Derek’s 1984 potboiler “Bolero”? Concurrent with the actor cum writer/director’s other exercise in spousal exhibition, his rancorously sexualized version of “Tarzan the Ape Man”, “Bolero” is less a coherent motion picture than a flimsily veiled excuse for the shooting of on-location  photographic magazine spreads. 383 more words


David Hamilton's Dreamy Eroticism of the 1970s

I have been in love with David Hamilton’s photography since June this year, and since it is December now I thought it was about time I dedicated a post to these visual treasures. 242 more words

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Midlothian's new Labour MP has big shoes to fill - but they aren't her party's

So, the dust has settled, and the election results are clear – Midlothian has a new MP, Labour newcomer Danielle Rowley, who defeated the SNP incumbent Owen Thompson by only 885 votes. 416 more words