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Wearing out my shoes

Words and music by David Harley, copyright 1975


There’s no future
In singing the blues
I guess I’ll leave
I’ve got nothing to lose… 59 more words

David Harley

Thanks for nothing, Ephraim Clutterbox [demo]

Words and Music by David Harley, copyright 1970

This may be the most positive song I’ve ever written. Which isn’t saying much, but at least it’s in a major key. 318 more words

David Harley


David Harley, copyright 1987

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Mirror-eyed and misty
and veering into black
Tiptoe across the flagstones
falling through the cracks
I’ve lain too long in midnight… 86 more words

David Harley

Same Old Blues

Copyright David Harley, 1987
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The burglar bills chimed midnight
The sky was pouring down
My feet froze to the catwalk
But my head was homeward-bound… 70 more words

David Harley

Angie Come Alone [demo]


I’ve had this song by Tony Maude running through my head for nearly two days, so I had to put something down while I was thinking about a guitar part. 12 more words

David Harley

Taking a pop at Safari pop-ups

You may have noticed that there have been several issues recently concerning pop-ups and malicious scripts affecting Safari users. In fact, I received email today about a ‘nuisance pop-up’ called macprotectionpro.info that had apparently made Safari unusable for a family member. 116 more words

David Harley