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The Carpenter's Son [instrumental version]

Copyright David Harley, 1976. All rights reserved.

This is an instrumental version of my setting from a poem from ‘A Shropshire Lad’. The song was originally intended to be sung unaccompanied, but it somehow developed a guitar accompaniment with a slight Middle Eastern feel, and the first section is very much based on that. 98 more words

David Harley

One Swallow doesn't make a crypto key

Working on an article about ransomware, I suddenly realized that in one place I’d typed ransomeware. Clearly, there’s a 21st century sequel to Swallows and Amazons just begging to be written. 14 more words

David Harley


A solo guitar piece, originally improvised as an extended intro to Bert Jansch’s Needle of Death, but I kind of liked it as a standalone piece. 25 more words

David Harley

Additions to the AVIEN support scam resources page

The following links have been added to the tech support scam resources page at AVIEN:

  • An interesting article by Talos with video and audio of a scammer in action, and details of this particular scamming group. 
  • 140 more words
David Harley

lady luck


I rolled out my paper this morning to see what Lady Luck would say
She said “Sorry boy, no joy: It’s just another rainy day…” 181 more words

David Harley

Everyone's Song But Mine [demo]

Copyright David Harley, 2015

I actually started to write this a couple of years ago after being heavily and publicly criticized for singing a song that wasn’t ‘cheerful’. 324 more words

David Harley

Everyone's song but mine

Everyone’s song but mine
Copyright David Harley 2015


I don’t own the songs I’m singing
They found me by the road
And let me come along for the ride… 235 more words

David Harley