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The Road to Frenchman's Creek

The Road to Frenchman’s Creek
Words and music (eventually) by David Harley

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I actually found myself playing with this idea while walking with my wife on the path from Helford. 191 more words

David Harley

Ghosts [demo]

I’m not saying I’m a slow writer, but this set of words is at least a quarter of a century old, and even though I had a vague idea of how I wanted the tune to go, I only just got around to trying to put them together. 22 more words

David Harley

A bit more on iOS support scams

Since my last couple of articles here have been about support scams using Safari (especially) to deliver fake alerts on OS X and iOS devices, I should also mention… 211 more words

David Harley

iOS Support Scams

A new blog by Graham Cluley for Intego actually has some points in common with my most recent blog here (which also involved pop-ups misused by support scammers, particularly in the context of Safari). 217 more words

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Contact Form

Though quite a few people seem to read this blog, not many actually comment (which is fine). Of those who do, quite a few are asking questions about malware or security rather than commenting on the site or specific articles, so I’ve added a… 128 more words

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Webmail: how password recovery can be abused

short video by Symantec demonstrates how a password recovery mechanism for webmail services can be abused if an attacker knows your cell phone number and you’ve registered the phone for password recovery/reset: basically, the attacker can click on the ‘I forgot my password’ link so that a verification code is sent to that phone number by SMS. 122 more words

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The water is wide [demo]

The world is not short of recordings of this very popular song. This is a variation on an instrumental version I recently rediscovered, having performed it quite a lot in the 70s. 22 more words

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