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2017 ICSI Public Lecture: David Harvey | Visualizing Capital

Marx defines capital as “value in motion.” Is there a way to map and visualize how capital moves around within the totality of a capitalist mode of production? 29 more words

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Tiny House Utopia without Capitalism

A Tiny House Utopia without Capitalism

David Harvey is a prominent Marxist geographer who frequently discusses the need for an Anti-capitalist revolution, suggesting that Capitalism is both socially immoral and environmentally unsustainable. 366 more words

Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason MAY 25, 2017 / DAVID HARVEY

In her latest book, “No is Not Enough”, Naomi Klein analyzes our current predicament as we suffer under the boot of the 1%’s Trump-brand style of neo-fascism and outlines the need for unity amongst progressives and radicals, the importance of minority struggles, and the looming environmental disaster. 566 more words

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What Jonathan Chait Gets Wrong About Neoliberalism and the Left

Jonathan Chait has recently written a polemic about the popularization of the term ‘neoliberal’ in political discourse. (The title of the article, “How ‘Neoliberalism’ Became the Left’s Favorite Insult of Liberals”, seems ungrammatical, given that ‘neoliberalism’ is a term for a social policy, while ’neoliberal’ is the term for those who espouse it.) Chait’s main claim is that while the term is used to push a false narrative about how the Democratic Party has moved rightward, it is otherwise a relatively empty pejorative for those on the left to wield against conservatives and moderate liberals. 1,685 more words

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Imperialisme baru: Genealogi dan Logika Kapitalisme Kontemporer

Imperialisme baru: Genealogi dan logika kapitalisme kontemporer
Penulis: David Harvey
Penerbit: Resist Book
Jumlah Halaman: V+254 hal | Berat Buku : 450 gram
Jenis Cover: Soft Cover | 14,5×21 cm… 258 more words