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Reading Marx’s Capital – Volume 1 Class 7

Busy Bees Might Not be Happy Bees

With a limit to the hours of work and the works who can work them the only way to increase surplus value is to increase productivity. 1,200 more words


Harvey visualizes capital at Oxford

Here’s the video of Harvey’s talk at Oxford a couple of weeks ago, again focusing on his ‘Marx project’ and related adventures in the theory of value. 33 more words

Did we accomplish the revolution in geographic thought?

By Joaquin Villanueva*

A new online symposium in the radical geography journal Antipode reflects on the state of critical and radical geography today, 44 years after David Harvey’s groundbreaking essay “Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary Theory in Geography and the Problem of Ghetto Formation”. 537 more words


Right to the city

The city is a wholly human-made creation, the most brilliant and most sustained attempt at refashioning the world. In creating the city, humankind provided a proximate space where all social, cultural, economic, religious, technological and aesthetic values would play out. 1,000 more words


Pedagogies within the Crises of Uncertainty

I am having a very good time this semester studying one on one with one of the academics at the University of North Texas who has agreed to be on my dissertation committee down the line–when I get to that part of my work. 50 more words


Reading Marx's Capital - Volume 1 Class 6

“Moments are elements of profit” (page 353)

The history of labour is one of exploitation. The attempt to capture other people’s time as surplus value and the attempt to get as much of it as possible for as little as possible is the essence of capitalism. 1,482 more words