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First Quarter Storm of Readings

As I mentioned during the start of the year, I’ve less time to do lengthier posts. In lieu of more extensive book reviews which I used to do more often before and in order to sustain the regularity of postings here, I’ll begin each month with a list of the books I intend to read for the said month.* Since it’s already summer, allow me to start with a recap of the books that I read last January up to the present month. 1,256 more words


The right to the city - David Harvey

                                                         THE RIGHT TO THE CITY

David Harvey

We live in an era when ideals of human rights have moved centre stage both politically and ethically. A great deal of energy is expended in promoting their sig­nificance for the construction of a better world. 6,379 more words


Crisis of Capitalism

Courtesy: The RSA

In this RSA Animate, celebrated academic David Harvey looks beyond capitalism towards a new social order. Can we find a more responsible, just, and humane economic system? 12 more words


Harvey'nin dönüşüme katkısı

John Gill, bir makalesinde İngiliz antropolog, coğrafyacı, sosyal teorici (ve bana göre bir plancı da) David Harvey’nin, bütün beşeri bilimlerde en çok atıf yapılan yirmi yazardan biri olduğunu yazmıştır ( 1,540 more words

David Harvey

What We Talked About At ISA: Weaponising Geography and the Global Striations of Military Targeting

In the context of a panel I put together on “Turning Ploughshares into Swords: Weapons and Weaponizations”, the ISA’s annual conference was the occasion for me to present some of the research I have undertaken as part of my long term project into the logistics of military perception. 2,266 more words

War And Collective Violence

HKCGG 2014-15 讀書會:希望的空間/ David Harvey/ 附錄



剛過去的讀書會的討論相當熱烈,本會決定舉行多一次《Spaces of Hope》的讀書會,閱讀附錄〈埃迪里亞(Edilia),或者“使它成為你願意的那樣” 〉。





Study Group 讀書會

So What

Dear Srimatiji

So what if David Harvey’s Marxist analysis is verified by each day’s dispiriting news?
“Full effort is full victory.”

So what if the interlocking system of oppressions appears stronger with each passing month? 171 more words

No Time For Poetry But Exactly What Is