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The New Imperialism oleh David Harvey (2003)

David Harvey membuka bukunya dengan analisis atas serangan Amerika Serikat (AS) ke Irak pada tahun 2003. Perang AS di Irak, menurut Harvey, lebih dari sekedar perang melawan terorisme; ia bukan pula semata perang untuk… 502 more words

Dworkin's Criticism of Hart's Theory of Law: A Response

By David Harvey

Dworkin (1977) argues that Hart’s theory of law is insufficient in that it doesn’t explain all aspects of law.  In his criticism of Hart’s account, Dworkin stipulates that Hart fails to incorporate principles into his description of what law is.   4,024 more words

The World's Corner

But even more important, the recent evolution within the utopian genre of writing itself from that of a political tract thinly disguised within an often rather boring tale (as in the case of More’s… 142 more words

It may seem strange to view Thatcher and Gingrich as Hegelians, but the free-market triumphalism they espoused was nothing other than Smithian utopianism of process attached to a very Hegelian kind of teleology (‘progress is inevitable and there is no alternative’). 6 more words

“The rejection, in recent times, of utopianism rests in part on an acute awareness of its inner connection to authoritarianism and totalitarianism. But the rejection of utopianism on such grounds has also had the unfortunate effect of curbing the free play of the imagination in the search for alternatives. 74 more words

A Brief History of Neoliberalism oleh David Harvey (2005)

Menurut David Harvey neoliberalisme sejatinya adalah proyek politik untuk menggeber proses akumulasi kapital dan mengukuhkan kembali kuasa kelas kapitalis di periode pasca krisis di akhir 1970an. 669 more words