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David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 3: Value and its Monetary Expression

The third David Harvey lecture of the current series – Value and its Monetary Expression

The Plight of the Artist

Furthermore, the commodification and commercialization of a market for cultural purposes during the nineteenth century (and the concomitant decline of aristocratic, state, or institutional patronage) forced cultural producers into a market form of competition that was bound to reinforce processes of ‘creative destruction’ within the aesthetic field itself. 86 more words

Human Interest

David Harvey Marx & Capital Lecture 2: Value and Anti-Value

Value and Anti-Value
Second Lecture in the Series: Marx and Capital: The Concept, The Book, The History
Professor David Harvey
The Graduate Center, CUNY
September 19, 2016…

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David Harvey

Perpetual Pursuit of Novelty

David Harvey emphasises the importance of novelty and quotes the founder of process philosophy, Alfred North Whitehead:


Post-Modernism: The Argument

‘All that is solid melts into thin air.’ Karl Marx

‘There has been a sea-change in cultural as well as in political-economic practices since around 1972. 128 more words

Leftwing Political Analysis

Michael Henderson: Thoughts on David Harvey's Rebel Cities

What I take as a given is that we live in a political world where those who have power use that power to protect and enhance their own positions, and this is clearly an underlying assumption of Harvey’s Marxist interpretation. 897 more words

The New Imperialism oleh David Harvey [2] (2003)

Selain capitalistic and territorial logic of power, konsep penting lain yang digunakan David Harvey di bukunya adalah spatio-temporal fix dan accumulation by disepossession. Bersama konsep sebelumnya, dua konsep ini dirumuskan oleh Harvey untuk menjelaskan bagaimana kapitalisme mengatasi problem inheren dalam dirinya yaitu… 858 more words