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A Marxist critique of higher education - David Harvey interview

A Marxist critique of higher education – David Harvey interview at FreshEd

To celebrate the 100th episode of FreshEd, I’ve saved an interview with a very special guest.

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Reading Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, Class 13

Do I Still Want My Capitalist Ticket?

It’s the end of December already and one of my goals for the year was to finish this series. 795 more words


David Harvey on monocauses, multicauses and metaphors

Back last October, Professor David Harvey, presented an essay to the University of Izmir, Turkey in October. You can see a You tube screening of that presentation at… 3,673 more words


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Also as recommended by Michael Roberts, you would likely benefit from reading both parts (i.e., Part One & Part Two) of Andrew Kliman's "Harvey Versus Marx On Capitalism’s Crises [Part 1 & Part 2]: Getting Profitability Wrong." And don't neglect the comment section(s) of both Michael's and Andrew's pieces. Thought provoking, all.

Urban Revolution a la David Harvey

I often discuss about the idea of right to the city in this blog because I’m very interested in urban politics issues. Maybe the simplest reason why I’m very interested in it is because I’m a city dweller. 734 more words

Edukasi Sosial Politik

On avoiding Marx

Although I’ve always been on the left in terms of politics, I’ve managed to avoid engaging with Marx for most of my life. I may have read The Communist Manifesto at some point in my student days, but I can’t remember. 742 more words


Books received - Harvey, Eribon, Hay, Lister & Marsh, Danchev, Goodstein

David Harvey’s The Ways of the World; the first edition of Didier Eribon’s biography of Foucault; Colin Hay, Michael Lister and David Marsh (eds.)  22 more words