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Puzzling Paradoxes - Defying Logic

Mind-Bending Paradoxes

Paradoxes are a fascinating part of reality and there are paradoxes in many different fields like math, physics, logic, psychology, and language. When it comes to trying to understand them, paradoxes can make the brain feel like it’s doing somersaults, but they can also expand your mind and make you look at the world in a whole new way. 2,001 more words


Centennial Anniversary of Einstein's General Relativity Theory

100 years a ago on November 25 1915 Albert Einstein presented the final version of his theory of gravitation known as the General Relativity to Prussian Academy of Sciences.  639 more words


100 years of Einstein

This month, one hundred years ago, Einstein completed his theory that would forever change physics. Not just physics but his astonishing ideas revolutionized philosophy, art, and culture. 511 more words


Exclusive: Daughter Speaks Out After Strip Club Bouncer Gunned Down

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MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – The 19-year-old daughter of a security guard, who was gunned down at a Miami Gardens strip club, is speaking out, saying she is “very mad” and wants “justice” and anyone with information about the case to come forward. 585 more words


David Hilbert (1862-1943)

Mathematical genius is not only manifested but personified in that of the great David Hilbert.  Hilbert is largely praised for his contributions to 20th century mathematics, as his work paved the way for future mathematicians.   817 more words


Quote of the Day

He who seeks for methods without having a definite problem in mind seeks for the most part in vain.

David Hilbert

Quote Of The Day

Another Complaint about Modern Macroeconomics

In discussing modern macroeconomics, I’ve have often mentioned my discomfort with a narrow view of microfoundations, but I haven’t commented very much on another disturbing feature of modern macro: the requirement that theoretical models be spelled out fully in axiomatic form. 3,823 more words