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Revolution (Constant Curvature I)

One of the standard elementary surfaces is the Pseudosphere, a surface of revolution of constant negative curvature.


It can be parametrized using elementary function, and the profile curve is the so-called… 293 more words


Great Stuff By David Hilbert That I'll Never Finish Reading

And then this came across my Twitter feed (@Nebusj, for the record):

“The Foundations of Geometry” by David Hilbert https://t.co/bBVG5wpARQ

— Geometry Fact (@GeometryFact) …

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Quote of the Day

In dealing with mathematical problems, specialization plays, as I believe, a still more important part than generalization. Perhaps in most cases where we unsuccessfully seek the answer to a question, the cause of the failure lies in the fact that problems simpler and easier than the one in hand have been either incompletely solved, or not solved at all.

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Hilbert's paradox of Grand Hotel


Hilbert’s Hotel Paradox or Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel is a thought experiment proposed by German mathematician, David Hilbert  in a 1924 lecture “Über das Unendliche” reprinted and popularized through George Gamow’s 1947 book “One..Two..Three.. 784 more words