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Great Stuff By David Hilbert That I'll Never Finish Reading

And then this came across my Twitter feed (@Nebusj, for the record):

“The Foundations of Geometry” by David Hilbert https://t.co/bBVG5wpARQ

— Geometry Fact (@GeometryFact) …

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Quote of the Day

In dealing with mathematical problems, specialization plays, as I believe, a still more important part than generalization. Perhaps in most cases where we unsuccessfully seek the answer to a question, the cause of the failure lies in the fact that problems simpler and easier than the one in hand have been either incompletely solved, or not solved at all.

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Quote Of The Day

Hilbert's paradox of Grand Hotel


Hilbert’s Hotel Paradox or Hilbert’s paradox of the Grand Hotel is a thought experiment proposed by German mathematician, David Hilbert  in a 1924 lecture “Über das Unendliche” reprinted and popularized through George Gamow’s 1947 book “One..Two..Three.. 784 more words


Hilbert Effect

Human beings tend to measure the influence of a person(s) on a particular field of study by associating their name to cornerstones. For example: Urysohn lemma… 373 more words


The Electric Spermbot

I admit this is getting ridiculous. What will hence be known as my “Electric Trilogy” (See The Electric Monk, September 23rd and The Electric Caterpillar, October 1st) has arrived for its third installment in a way so absurd that I hesitate to elaborate on it. 895 more words


Revision 1: Inquisitive Mathematical Thinking

In this post I wish to expand my understanding about, “asking Why?“.

In 1930, David Hilbert gave radio address lecture. I want to discuss following paragraph from that lecture (when translated to English): 401 more words