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It's Not About Me

“I should be content

to look at a mountain

for what it is

and not as a comment on my life.”

David Ignatow, poet

Kaddish by David Ignatow

My grandmother died about a month ago. There’s not really much to say about death and about losing family members that doesn’t end up sounding banal when you say it out loud, so I’ve been looking for works where writers do things that help me understand what it means to lose someone. 194 more words


Thursday Poem-David Ignatow

The Bagel

I stopped to pick up the bagel
rolling away in the wind,
annoyed with myself
for having dropped it
as if it were a portent. 44 more words


To whom. are we beautiful. as we go?

“I wish I understood the beauty

in leaves falling. To whom

are we beautiful

as we go?

I lie in the field

still, absorbing the stars… 39 more words



I close my eyes like a good little boy at night in bed,

as I was told to do by my mother when she lived, 93 more words


Instructions for cold calling

The Business Life

by David Ignatow

When someone hangs up, having said

to you, “Don’t come around again,”

and you have never heard the phone… 312 more words


“I sink back upon the ground…” by David Ignatow

Have you ever been in the middle of things, not knowing which way to go? Do I move forward, do I turn back. Do I go left, do I go right. 426 more words