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Moving Through Clouds

grasping at these emotions emotions only partially formed formed in clouds clouds of smoke left behind behind my eyes eyes that now now see more more than the clouds thought thought the outcome wou… 6 more words


When Women Perspire: BAD Exercise Habits.

Staying fit does wonders for the body and mind. But these common exercise habits can do more harm than good, so they’re best to avoid. 15 more words


Beyond clichè.

The idea of this man is bliss for me. What idea must your significant other/ ideal match suffice though? :) Thank you for reading. Never let the words fall short! :)

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‘That’ Song – #RomanticTuesday

Erika, my blog sis, set up a hashtag #RomanticTuesday to share all things romantic. Today, I wanted to share a song that I absolutely love. It makes me think of my Hubby Dearest all the time, from …

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Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2

The Carrot Ranch’s next fiction challenge is up! Source: Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2

Source: Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2


Porridge: A retrospective

On Friday night a new series of Porridge started on BBC One 43 years after the original starring Ronnie Barker was first shown. Kevin Bishop plays Nigel Norman Fletcher, grandson of the original’s Norman Stanley. 516 more words

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