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Working Harbor

Duluth, in Minnesota, is a working harbor.  Ships not only come from various parts of the Great Lakes, but also Europe.  One of the chief exports from the port is grain and there are several grain collection and storage sites that line the harbor.   73 more words

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Lost At Sea

As I worked on this image I found myself almost getting a little seasick.  The churning, roiling water, the light and dark spaces, it brings up one of my greatest fears…drowning. 11 more words

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Question Everything

While searching some older images for an upcoming project, I came across this shot from several years ago.  It seems appropriate at this time to question so much of what we see, read and hear.   48 more words

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Crop Circles

After my last post “Looking Down” crop circles were mentioned.  As a matter of fact, I did see some.  And, I may have found Pac Man. 11 more words

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Looking Down

Flying always presents a new perspective on the landscape of our world.  Flying over patterned farm fields shows that even farming has it’s artistic side. 25 more words

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The fuel that drives any camping trip that I’m on.  It’s the first thing that gets started in the morning, it’s a hand warmer on cool mornings, it’s what powers cooking breakfast and loading the gear for the day.

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Going Dutch: The beginning of my season as an FC Utrecht fan

Rewind to last week and I found myself thinking about how little I missed football. Having dedicated myself and my work to rugby last season, I found that once the Lions tour was all over, I wasn’t yearning for football’s return. 1,107 more words