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Don't judge us by our "professional" Christians...

We haven’t even begun to experience the fallout from the publication of data from Ashley Madison, promoted as “the world’s leading married dating service for discreet encounters.” … 1,190 more words

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Ministering to Millennials (Part II - Who Are They and What's Driving Them Away?)

Last week we said that the research suggests Americans are less frequently labeling themselves “Christian” and those who are have lost a great deal of Christian orthodoxy in beliefs and practice, i.e. 2,204 more words

Book Review - Churchless: Understanding Today's Unchurched and How to Connect With Them (23/12)

Atheism has been on the rise increasingly for the past few years, while this book is not about atheism, it is certainly similar to about another issue the church is facing — the rising number of the unchurched. 332 more words

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Trying to Make Sense of Making Sense: Christians, Cognitive Consistency, and Colbert

I’m having a cognitive crisis.

Not because I spent three days in marathon grading mode wrapping up the fall semester. Not because of the incongruity of Christmas shopping and the season of Advent preparation. 1,489 more words

 I’d like to ask readers an important question today.

In trying to determine why attendance at denominational christian churches has become so low, I’ve been researching various opinions. 73 more words


Changing Perceptions




In his book Unchristian, David Kinnaman, discusses the perceptions that “outsiders” have on modern Christians. Kinnaman, presents the point of view of one outsider saying; “Most people I meet assume Christian means very conservative, entrenched in their thinking, anti-gay, anti-choice, angry, violent, illogical, empire builders; they want to convert everyone, and they generally cannot live peacefully with anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.” 641 more words