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#HMPYG is Donating $ to Spread Transcendental Meditation

Our Donation to Spread Transcendental Meditation

In our latest philanthropic ventures, we decided to make a significant donation to the David Lynch Foundation (DLF). Usually #HMPYG donates 10-15% of monthly site commissions to various nonprofits (WWF, GoFundMe campaigns, Kiva, to name a few). 459 more words

Montage - Sounds of Trauma


Powerful, right? Montage is a very interesting tool that can be used in advertising. I don’t see it very often these days I think because it’s difficult to do well. 104 more words


David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan contribute to new short film A New Sunrise Over Sunset -- watch

The Twin Peaks revival, complete with its 18 brand new episodes, will premiere on Showtime on May 21st. Prior to the big date, however, the series’ creator  130 more words


#TeamIvanka (Trump) Learned How to Meditate

Fun fact: Ivanka meditates twice daily—she even has her recurring twenty-minute sessions blocked off in her calendar. When she finds something she’s excited about, she has to share it (we’ve received emails from her at 11 p.m. 172 more words


Smithsonian Honors David Lynch for Bringing Transcendental Meditation to 500,000 At-Risk Kids

Film director David Lynch has received the prestigious Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for his innovative leadership in education through the David Lynch Foundation (DLF), which has been improving children’s lives in underserved schools with the TM-based “Quiet Time” program since 2005. 201 more words

David Lynch Foundation

Why filmmaker David Lynch says Transcendental Meditation is the secret to success

LA Times June 2016
David Lynch says he hasn’t missed a day of Transcendental Meditation since he started practicing it 43 years ago.
The director and writer behind the cult TV series “Twin Peaks” and movies including “Mulholland Drive” was in Los Angeles recently to lend support to Georgetown University School of Medicine clinical psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal who was speaking on a panel about his new book, “Super Mind: How to Boost Performance and Live a Richer and Happier Life Through Transcendental Meditation.” Lynch, 70, told us in a one-on-one after the panel why he believes TM is the secret to … well, everything: 137 more words


Festival of Disruption, Oct 8 & 9, Los Angeles

Festival of Disruption, October 8-9, 2016 at the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Photo set from the inaugural Festival of Disruption- an film, music and art extravaganza curated by David Lynch. 336 more words

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