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The Wheat from the Chaff

There is no goodbye. Not in terms of Susanna. Two years ago yesterday was the day my daughter was buried during a day-long driving rain. I was hoping she would like the chapel with stained glass, and the winding pathways in the picturesque historical cemetery. 414 more words

The Elephant Man (1980)

The Elephant Man tells the true life story of John Merrick, a man dreadfully deformed from birth who was saved from a freak show by a kindly doctor to become the toast of Victorian society. 136 more words



the skeining of desire,
bound by recourse.
John Biscello

The New Twin Peaks Cast Is Here and It's Everything

Contributed by Emily Pate Austin (@TheWaitingBlog)

Remember in the seventh grade when you finally got your hands on the class roster for your first go ’round of sex ed? 794 more words


The Life-Cry of Don De Lillo’s Ratner’s Star

The novel Ratner’s Star was pitched to me, in the few outlets that have posted their reviews of the text online, as a Menippean satire, a work that is usually in prose, multi-perspectival, in that it makes ideology or interior mental states targets of fun rather than individuals, and I can’t conjure a third trait to complete the Rule. 452 more words

Some Notable Snubs from the Twin Peaks Cast List

David Lynch recently released the cast list for the new season of Twin Peaks, which has been reported as not being a reboot, but rather a continuation of the original series from when it first aired in the early nineties. 96 more words