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Watch John Malkovich's Impersonations of David Lynch Characters, Including the Log Lady

Throughout the week, the (exceedingly attractive) website Playinglynch.com will release videos in which John Malkovich plays David Lynch characters — and David Lynch himself, amounting to a short film project called “Psychogenic Fugue.” 274 more words

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Virginia Deconstructed: Minor Spoilers Within

To review this game we’re going to try something a little different, a little less structure, a bit like the game itself. There is a plot, there is an extreme linear path of game-play, but there is an overwhelming sense of confusion and being lost on a cerebral path. 838 more words


Why 'Virginia' Is a Fascinating Narrative Experiment You Have to Try

If you love David Lynch, you have to play newcomer Variable State’s Virginia—it’s really that simple.

It’s a “walking simulator,” sure, but unlike any yet drafted, framing its mysteries in strictly visual terms, without audio logs or text dumps or even the grounding cadences of spoken dialogue. 97 more words

Filmmaker Interview: David Lynch

I was thrilled to be able to interview David Lynch for Time Out recently. Here’s the interview in its entirety.

At 70-years-old, iconoclastic filmmaker David Lynch is more popular than ever. 633 more words


Review: If You Love David Lynch You Have to Play 'Virginia'

Celebrated auteur and obscurantist David Lynch isn’t given to explaining himself with words. Watching him struggle in interviews to answer probing questions about his work can be uncomfortable. 1,068 more words

Exclusive Interview with Jane Weinstock on 'The Moment'

Filmmaker Jane Weinstock follows up her directorial debut of “Easy” with “The Moment,” a compelling psychological thriller starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Martin Henderson and Alia Shawkat. 1,349 more words