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David Martin reviews Second Edition of "The Truth at Last"

The remarkable work of David Martin — news analyst, commentator, poet and observer of the passing scene (not to be confused with the better-known but far-less accomplished CBS newsman of the same name) — is known to regular readers of this blog.  2,495 more words

The Giveness of Things

The Giveness of Things (A compilation title of essays by Marilynne Robinson, 2015)

My new favorite author points out the mysteries of life and meaning in the above mentioned book.  296 more words

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The Interview Room screening and residents' show

with Toby Huddlestone, David Martin, Terry Slater and Diego Marcon

Toby Huddlestone

Auto-Archive: Poster (as artwork as exhibition) is an artwork produced by Toby Huddlestone that serves as some kind of end-point to his Auto-Archive project. 457 more words

The Long Illness


Staring out the window, I wonder if my breathing will ever come easily again.  Eleven days ago, asthma set in.  At sixty years of age, my chest tightens and air comes most efficiently in shallow efforts.  176 more words

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Reborn in a Hospital Room


From Piers the Plowman, “Our joy and our healing, Christ Jesus of Heaven, always pursues us in a poor man’s apparel, and looks upon us in a poor man’s likeness…” 189 more words

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