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"The times, they are a changin"

In the streets of downtown Thessaloniki; a crisis of humanity –

The shame of walking by a fallen man,

And knowing not how to pick him up. 50 more words

David Martin

Always with Ireland

The sunset lingers behind the clouds;

Crossing roads,

In small breaks, appears and disappears – like love,

Without a trace; without a warning – Always, 13 more words

David Martin

Magazine review: Black Static #62

Issue #62 of Black Static is once again chock full of deep, thoughtful dark fiction. This is fiction that will squirm inside of you, leaving a dark stain on your memory and things get off to a bleak dystopian beginning with… 291 more words

Book Review

The Wall

Strolling  through the alleyway of Up Town in the old city, I found a “masterpiece” between the windows called, The Wall.

David Martin

David Martin calls out media Earhart propagandists

David Martin’s (DCDave.com) work is well-known to regular readers of this blog.  The award-winning writer and retired federal economist reviewed both editions of  1,401 more words

Old Dog New Tricks

You just can’t teach an old dog new tricks . . . or can you?

Photograph:David Martin

David Martin

The Jealous Man and Woman

The “Jealous Man and Woman”, one of the many relics of Ireland.   

Who was jealous of whom? The couple lie in their tomb with truths far from our reach. 38 more words

David Martin