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Armchair astronomer finds 700 ft structure on Mars

David Martines, a youtube user and armchair astronomer has racked up over 85,000 views on youtube showing co-ordinates on Mars where a 700 foot long structure is clearly visible. 128 more words

Trailer Park on Mars?

Well, thanks to the stupid assumptions of the asshole who noticed the image on Google Mars:

… I’m going to have to hear and read conspiracy nutters talk about the gub’ment sekrets and dem aliiaaans for the next few weeks. 697 more words


Bio Station Alpha on Mars. The latest discovery by David Martines.

So this is what Google is up to, giving armchair astronauts the power to discover alien life. It is actually kinda cool but since this is all pre-mapped, anyone at Google could drop an image onto the map. 93 more words

Viral + Buzz

What is Bio Station Alpha? David Martines claims Google Earth shows large structure, signs of life on Mars

An amateur astronomer named David Martines has caused a stir with a video that seems to show a strange metallic object on the surface of Mars. 127 more words