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Warm Glow by 1davidmcmahon

Miniature lights-on-a-string for sale at a night market in Penang, Malaysia. In the background are more traditional lamps displayed on a shelf.



Saturday Knight Fever by 1davidmcmahon

Wiser and visor! This suit of armour was on display at Gardens By The Bay during the recent tulip festival. It wasn’t shiny enough for a great reflection shot, but it took on added visual effect when I found the right perspective to include that beautiful dome-shaped roof in such a way that the struts followed the angle of the visor.



Touching Moment by 1davidmcmahon

No manipulation here, nor stitched images. From my point of view, this was just impeccable timing by the pilot this morning. I’ve been shooting dawn sequences for about four months, wondering whether this passing jet would ever be at the same relative height and position as the sun. 42 more words


Reveille by 1davidmcmahon

Even an urban dawn can be beautiful. I found today’s sunrise especially appealing because of the way the sun can be seen not just above the distant building, but also through its roof structure. 9 more words


Early Riser by 1davidmcmahon

The colours are real in this (hand-held) image shot at dawn this morning. The buildings and crane are about 3km (1.9 miles) away from where I was shooting and of course the early-morning flight was so far away that it could not even be heard. 24 more words


Merry Poppins by 1davidmcmahon

Just a spoonful of sugar …. makes the smoothie go down! This is the unusual outdoor “roof” at the quirky Juicylicious outlet at the historic converted Chew Jetty in the George Town area of Penang, Malaysia. 9 more words


Dawn Storm by 1davidmcmahon

A tropical storm on the horizon, shot last week. Can you see the rainfall on the left?


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