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Nelson Facing 'Ultimatum': NFL Career Or Life's Mission?

NEW YORK (AP) — David Nelson is unexpectedly facing a difficult decision.

The NFL wide receiver, who’s currently a free agent, believes he is being forced to choose between his football career and his life’s mission. 564 more words


IBM - The Emperor Still Has No Clothes

David sits down with CNBC’s Bill Griffeth, Sara Eisen and Jon Najarian to discuss IBM’s latest release.

David Nelson

      Well I have working on this  blog for a little over a year and have plenty of sketches to show for it. A lot of the drawings are not that great, some of them are decent and a select few I thought were really good. 305 more words


Breaking the Story on Greece

Daivd breaks a story on Fox News and gives an in depth review of the ongoing negotiations surrounding a potential Greek Exit from the Euro.

David Nelson

Even the Mouse Will Cut the Cord - Disney

David discusses the importance of Disney’s ESPN changing it’s current business model. Streaming is the future as an increasing number of consumers cut the cord.

David Nelson

Day the Computers Failed US - NYSE, United Airlines & The WSJ

David joins CBS Anchor Contessa Brewer on set to discuss a series of computer glitches that paralyzed the NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal.

David Nelson

The Euro Will Fail - CCTV

David sits down with CCTV’s Michelle Makori to discuss the crisis in Greece, China’s Market Crash and the fall in oil

David Nelson