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Alphabet is #1 in media

Hard to believe that Alphabet’s media platform is bigger than Disney

David Nelson

Goldman Employees - No longer just a number

Goldman scraps rating their employees 1-9. Big investment banks have been in a secular decline for about 8 Years. Younger employees want real feedback.

David Nelson

Is Snapchat worth $18 Billion

Is Snapchat really worth $18 Billion. Kids love it and parents fear it.

David Nelson

S&P 500 won't break out until earnings do - 3 things that could make it happen

By David Nelson, CFA

US markets have frustrated both bulls & bears over the last year with the index unable to break out and sustain a path in either direction. 671 more words

David Nelson

Bishop Verot looks to send coach Nelson off with state title

Since Bishop Verot High School baseball coach David Nelson announced early last month he was resigning his post at the end of this season he’s been constantly reminded why he’s making the right decision. 1,477 more words


Big Gov't vs Big Business - No deal for HAL & BHI

David sits down the Street’s Scott Gamm to talk about the collapse of Halliburton’s bid for Baker Hughes

David Nelson

Buffett calls out Carl Icahn

It had nothing to do with markets. Warren calling out Carl was all about politics

David Nelson