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Does Apple Pay It's Fair Share - CBS Interview

David joins the CBS news team to discuss the $14.5 Billion Europe says they owe them in back taxes. “This is just the beginning of a larger conversation about tax reform” – David

David Nelson

Fed Transparency - Clear as Mud

By David Nelson, CFA

Even the press are starting to refer to the Fed’s annual trek to Jackson Hole as little more than a circus. ( 848 more words

David Nelson

All Eyes on Jackson Hole - China TV Interview

David weighs in on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s upcoming speech in Jackson Hole.

David Nelson

6 Charts Showing How Oil Still Drives the Market

6 months ago oil turned taking stocks along with it. David put together 6 stocks for Yahoo Finance to show the role oil is playing in both credit and stock markets.

David Nelson

Why the Market is Still Driven by Oil


David sits down with the Street’s Scott Gamm to discuss the link between oil and the market.

David Nelson

Re-invest or Die! - The BNN Interview

The good news is that buybacks are slowing down.
The bad news is that buybacks are slowing down.
David says CEOs choose buybacks to prop up their paycheck.

David Nelson

Stocks Priced for Perfection!

David covers a range of topics for Canada’s BNN. Stocks priced for perfection, the Fed and CEOs more concerned with their paycheck then the growth of the company.

David Nelson