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Two More Sad Memories

Today I have to note the deaths of two personalities from my early memories.

Cliff Michelmore was a significant part of radio in the fifties and sixties – in a time when radio was a much more important part of our entertainment, when… 107 more words


Piece #16

Event | International Space Station: Architecture beyond Earth guest lecture by David Nixon, University of Liverpool, UK | March 2016 314 more words


David Nixon again

I mentioned in my last entry that my favourite magician was David Nixon. Here is a full show of his.  There is a magician on that show that I knew personally named Victor Burnett who passed away far too young. 57 more words

Madame Butterfly with Perpetuum Mobile - Northern Ballet: Richmond Theatre, 9 June 2015

Bread and Butterfly

When this Madame Butterfly started it looked so much like an opera production that it was something of a jolt when the performers suddenly broke out into pirouettes rather than bursting into song. 467 more words


Preview: Northen Ballet - Madame Butterfly with Perpetuum Mobile: Richmond Theatre, 9-10 June 2015

A bit of Butterfly flutters muttering by

Leeds-based Northern Ballet is not only one of the UK’s finest ballet companies but also one of the world’s – in 2014 they won… 178 more words