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Reflection 7.23.15

Hope is a verb with its shirt sleeves rolled up.

~David Orr


Question: How do you learn about place?

Last weekend my hubby led a couple of informal bike tours around Portland for one of our favorite biking meetup groups. One of the tours focused on the waterways of Portland (which we’d learned about on a… 563 more words


I Left My Heart In The Miocene

clothing line discovered online. I’d have made it more colorful; perhaps a reprint of one of Mauricio Anton’s paintings.

And included, of course, the word “middle”. 7 more words


Current copyright law (whatever the heck it is) is bad for poetry critics

Another reason why I’m posting so much about copyright and poetry this week, from David Orr’s “When Quoting Verse, One Must Be Terse,” New York Times, 115 more words


Would this sort of poem do well in a popular podcast?

Poplar Street


Oh. Sorry. Hello. Are you on your way to work, too?

I was just taken aback by how you also have a briefcase, 256 more words


Low pay and high housing costs are a toxic mixture that traps people in poverty

One of the things that was often repeated during the election campaign was that the best route out of poverty was to have a job with a secure wage. 374 more words