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Are Self-Driving Cars Even Ethical?

It’s time to talk about self-driving cars. Many technological innovations–Amazon Echo, an iPhone without headphone port, Sarahah–catch us by surprise. But self-driving cars have been under development since the 1980s, and shot into public view in… 605 more words


My reaction to Theresa May’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference

At the Conservative Party Conference today (4th October 2017), Theresa May said whether someone hopes to buy their own home or has been waiting for a council home “help is on the way”. 394 more words


American common sense and courage in the face of climate change

“But there is a part of me–call it naive, if you like–that can’t help but believe that somewhere out there in America, all but drowned out by the din, is a native strain of reason that could be cultivated, a peculiarly American kind of common sense and courage that would give us the strength to at least begin an honest discussion about the challenges we face.” Seamus McGraw, … 782 more words

Starts at Home: highlighting the importance of specialist supported housing

Today (1st September) is Starts at Home day highlighting the contribution supported housing makes to Brighton and Hove.  Starts at Home, now in its second year and run by the… 460 more words


The future of specialist supported housing is at risk: is it recklessness, incompetence or deliberate design by government?

What motivates someone to take a successful government-funded project that prevents homelessness, reduces hospital admissions, reduces crime and makes a return of more than £4 for every £1 invested, and in its place create a crisis that is seeing services closing and 85% of new schemes being abandoned?   330 more words


the difficulty of writing war poetry when one hasn't been in the military

What Does a Poet Know About War? – David Orr – New York Times – August 2, 2017

“War poems have a reportorial function: They give us the news about something that has happened.

132 more words

Assessing Ecological Literacy: Dispelling the Hunch

June is often a stressful time at public schools throughout the world. Educators can be seen scrambling to finish their assessment of student growth, development, and transformation following ten months of intense and rigorous study. 713 more words