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Let's Discover... Joy

I didn’t have any expectations going into this film so technically it didn’t disappoint me but neither did it please me. 231 more words


Film Review: Joy

In David O’Russell’s third collaboration with the one woman star vehicle Jennifer Lawrence, we meet the divorced mother of two, Joy Mangano, who spends her life cleaning up after her reclusive mother (Virginia Madsen) and ex-husband (Edgar Ramirez) who lives in the basement of her rickety house. 338 more words


review - joy

Sometimes, it’s all just so obvious, right from the very beginning. The first scene comes on screen and we just know: this movie is not going to be very good. 319 more words

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Directed by David O’Russell

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lawrence and David O’Russell are made for each other. Without batting an eyelid, Lawrence can transform effortlessly from comedy to drama, a method O’Russell’s films always seem to prescribe to. 257 more words


Joy, la película 

Que Jennifer Lawrence y Bradley Cooper forman una pareja de cine no es ningún secreto, como ya demostraron en El lado bueno de las cosas… 287 more words


Review - Joy

Out in cinemas now, ‘Joy’ sees David O’Russell reunited with a number of cast members that he has worked with before, to tell the story of Joy Margano, the inventor of the Magic Mop. 417 more words

Film Review

Joy Review

After the hit of Silver Linings Playbook and the Oscar-nominated let-down of American Hustle, not many were surprised that Jenniffer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were teaming up once again with David O’Russell. 498 more words