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Commando (1985)

I for one love to go back and relive the enjoyment of the action films of my youth. With this Arnold Schwarzenegger title comes the film that one could make a healthy argument is the all time king of one liner movies. 601 more words

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The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 74  888 more words



Nothing like a good action movie. It appears the genre is slowly dying or fading into obscurity as comic book superhero movies takes its place, or action flicks are at the very least looked down on as a joke or a guilty pleasure with only Jason Statham and Liam Neeson films to fill that void. 765 more words

The Reel Deal

John Wick (2014)

We are professional killers—civilized!” cried a crime-lord.

Do I look civilized?” John Wick answered. 689 more words

Movie Review

JOHN WICK Review: Fortune Favors the Old

Even if you take The Expendables 3 off the table, 2014 has been quite the year for the aging action star.   (I take it off the table because aging heroes are the gimmick of that film and franchise.)  The year has already seen major releases from a half-dozen of the AARP’s toughest tough guys (age, title): 959 more words

Film Review

The Warriors

Warriors! It’s famous, it’s iconic, it’s violent and it’s actually kind of boring. A small Coney Island gang is framed for the murder of the most powerful gang leader in New York and they’ve got to high-tail it back to their home turf on the other side of the city, ASAP! 107 more words


A Science Fiction film that predates “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Matrix” and “Inception” yet has key ideas that each of those films exploit as their main plot devices. 1,905 more words