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Shake the Scene: Commando

Commando (1985)

The Scene: The Commando Killing Spree

Why I Love This Scene: I don’t know how I saw Commando back in 85 or 86. My folks, as you may recall from other posts of mine, were somewhat very laid-back when it came to the flicks they let me watch as a kid. 305 more words

Shake The Scene

Episode 28: Commando (1985)

Cross introduces us to John Matrix, a larger than life ex-special forces killing machine whose daughter has just been kidnapped. Where does this rip-roaring tale of steroidal revenge rank in the Arnie Canon, and what will Mitch make of it all? 7 more words


Directed By Walter Hill : The Posters

Having grown up at the end of the Peckinpah era, I was well aware of The Osterman Weekend at theaters and the influence his style had on others. 540 more words


Last Man Standing (1996)

A drifter stumbles onto a border town that’s being controller by two rival bootlegging gangs during the prohibition era.

Last Man Standing is quite a frustrating film because it so very nearly works. 151 more words


Penn and Teller Get Killed

Before watching the movie:

I’m not entirely sure when I first encountered Penn and Teller. I clearly remember that my seventh grade science teacher, who was a magician himself, showed us some tapes of televised magic acts, and there was at least one Penn and Teller illusion in the bunch. 759 more words