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Get Keith Nathan Brown's Embodied for $5.00!

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In this multifaceted collection of dreamscape stories and arabesque concrete poetry, Keith Nathan Brown invokes a wide range of literary and non-literary forms—from poetry to scientific report, from short story to mathematical proof—as a way to explore the gray area between mind and body where selfhood finds its origin. 374 more words

David Peak’s Recent Reading at Brown University

Here’s the introduction I delivered before David Peak’s reading at Brown University’s Literary Arts Department’s Demitasse on  April 18, 2013:

The first fiction I read from David Peak’s work was his chapbook… 795 more words

David Peak's "Literary Pillars"

I am only listing books I have read—so a lot of very important books are getting left out. I’m aware of this. Also, I’m also leaving out the Bible because I shouldn’t have to explain why. 3,191 more words

Best of 2011, Part 2

Lots of great things happened in 2011 for Gary Amdahl, Donald Breckenridge, Tobias Carroll, Aaron Gilbreath, Johannes Göransson, Dylan Hicks, Christopher Higgs, Tim Horvath, Jamie Iredell, and David Peak. 7,790 more words

SSM: wigleaf Top 50 [Very] Short Stories

I’m going to take a break from vouching specific stories today to instead vouch 50. The wigleaf Top 50 Short Stories of 2011 list was just released a few days ago, and I wanted to point everyone to it. 380 more words



I’m a sucker for sweettight sentences and guns. It’s all from my childhood of reading bad books (TURNING IT AROUND WITH SOME COOL WORDS) and going to gun shows instead of Little League practice. 98 more words