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All Out Against War Criminal Petraeus! CUNY for the People, Not Imperialists!

Once again, the students and people of New York will come out to condemn the hiring of former CIA Director David Petraeus to Macaulay Honors College. 327 more words


Georgia President Who Ate His Tie Advises Ukrainians How to 'Capture All of Russia'

Mikheil Saakashvili, ex-leader of the Revolution of the Roses in Georgia and ex-president of this very poor but beautiful country, was until not long ago having a hard time finding the proper refuge for himself. 2,037 more words

Ray McGovern's Letter To Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus.

(Cross-posted from www.consortiumnews.com on February 13, 2015)


A Pointed Letter to Gen. Petraeus

February 3, 2015

Exclusive: As retired Gen. and ex-CIA Director David Petraeus was about to speak in New York City last Oct. 1,928 more words

Earth Matters

A Letter to Petraeus

From Ray McGovern at Consortium News:

Speaking of Rumsfeld, you and I know him as your partner in some very serious crimes, relating to the illegal invasion of Iraq and the horrific violence that followed as well as the slaughter of so many innocent people in Afghanistan. 

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Military Disasters

Bonapartist Pro-War Leader David Petraeus Faces Indictment

Webster Tarpley Radio, Jan 2015

Webster Tarpley on United Front Radio – January 16, 2015 Former CIA boss and CENTCOM Commander Gen.David Petraeus, who resigned in disgrace in November 2012 after it was revealed he had …

Time: 04:28


Inner CityThe Daily Bell: Turmoil and Other Crises: My Predictions for 2015 By Ron Paul - January 09, 2015


A Ron Paul Special Report

If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state. 8,426 more words