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Action Alert: Tell PA Lawmakers Not to Punish Women in Recovery by Withholding Food

There is a very bad bill brewing in Harrisburg and we wanted to let you know about it, and ask that you take action by urging our representatives to oppose it. 479 more words

PA Legislature

World's Finest 61 - kryptonite sunlight, and the Joker makes Batman cheat, steal and kill

No comment on Batman’s unusual pose behind Robin on the cover of World’s Finest 61 (Nov/Dec 52).

Kryptonite was still a new thing in the Superman series when this story, by Plastino and Kaye, was released. 175 more words

World's Finest 59 - Luthor makes Superman hold up the world, Manhunters Around the World begins, and the Joker has a world of riches

I hope Superman paid for that.

Luthor and the Joker both appear in World’s Finest 59 (July/Aug 52), although in different stories.

Finger, Boring and Kaye have Luthor trick Superman into holding up a globe of the Earth, one that Luthor has rigged with explosives, and a super-magnet that pulls it towards the Earth.  329 more words

World's Finest 53 - Commissioner Gordon's family

Or, you know, Superman could just fly over and save her.

The introduction of Comissioner Gordon’s son, Tony, is the most significant thing about this story, by Reed, Sprang and Paris, in World’s Finest 53 (Aug/Sept 51). 162 more words

World's Finest 50 - Tom Sparks gets a job, and Batman and the Bullet Hole Club

I bet even Robin could run faster than those cars at top speed.

Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor returns in World’s Finest 50 (Feb/March 1951), as Dan Barry continues where the introductory story left off. 256 more words

World's Finest 49 - Tom Sparks - Boy Inventor begins, Zatara causes a train crash, and the Penguin gives Batman a white feather

Tom Sparks, Boy Inventor takes the cover of World’s Finest 49 (Dec/Jan 1950/51) for its debut.

Dan Barry is the artist on this new strip about a young boy who is an inventive genius. 458 more words

Md. Police Officer A Hero After Saving Infant's Life

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJZ) — A Maryland police officer is being called a hero after saving an infant’s life. It happened in Montgomery County, where a woman was found holding her baby inside of a car. 305 more words