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No. This is not a pornographic half-baked, you perverts. Oh, don’t look so disappointed, it’s #10 in the series — you know, 10? X in Roman numerals? 533 more words



David Rees handed out paper to the audience, and instructed everyone through the assembly of The Suzanne, the world-record holder for paper airplane flight distance. 6 more words

One Photo Every Day

November 21, 2014

Drove to Northampton and back to see this very funny gentleman. What a great show, including David Rees, pink Suzannes, Pitchfork Daddy, Ron Jon Surf Shop self defenestration, and the Ayn Rand dress.

The Originals Series: Shelly Oria & Slothrust

It’s cold outside! Like, really fucking cold. So, not surprisingly, the latest installment of The Originals Series headed indoors: to a strange room at 22 Boerum Place described alternately as a mausoleum, Turkish bath, former bank, and cult meeting space (all descriptions c/o David Rees) in Brooklyn. 719 more words


November 1, 2014

Peter made “the Suzanne” today. It’s an award-winning paper airplane design, which was featured on one of our favorite shows: “Going Deep with David Rees.” The Suzanne flies like a dream.

Taylor Swift's Music Gets An EDM Transformation

There’s barely a link you can draw when you hear the names ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Aphex Twin’ together, but this guy discovered something mind-blowing that would absolutely change your perspective! 74 more words


A Taylor Swift/Aphex Twin Mash-Up? Lush, Listenable Lunacy

AphexSwift is a mash-up album made by David Rees, possibly most famous as the cartoonist who made Get Your War On. In a move that can only be described as incredibly brilliant and really odd, at the same time, Rees decided to combine the otherworldy electronica of Aphex Twin and the accusatory, biting lyrics of Taylor Swift. 42 more words

Aphex Twin