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“There is no American Deep State…it just looks like there is”

By Kit | OffGuardian | March 21, 2017

Last week the New Yorker, and yesterday Salon magazine, published editorials arguing against the very existence of an “American Deep State”.

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“Obama’s temperament will be greatly missed.”

~ David Remnick

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Empire / Империя

I was listening to Terry Gross’s interview with New Yorker editor David Remnick and staff writer Evan Osnos and thinking about the psychology of empire. How does it feel to be the country whose name is imprinted on the empire, be it the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire? 743 more words


Russia Tried To Elect Clinton According To New Yorker Editor David Remnick

So according to Editor David Remnick, the Russians didn’t want Trump to win. Thinking that Hillary Clinton would surely win, the Russians meddled in the elections in order to “destabilize a Clinton Presidency.” 86 more words


Putin smirks: welcome to Trumpistan and "American carnage"

So the deed is done and suddenly, we live in an “American carnage” that only DJT can remedy, apparently. His dark message was a paean to nationalistic jingoism, fear mongering and isolationism. 194 more words

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A Legend in his Own Mind

In Republican Rome whenever a general won a great victory a triumphal parade was arranged and he would ride a chariot and listen to the frenzied cheers of the populace; while he was riding the chariot basking in the glory, a slave stood right behind him, constantly whispering in his ear “Memento mori” (Remember that thou are mortal) In more recent times, Andrew Jackson relied on his famous Kitchen Cabinet, composed of people whom he trusted and who not always agreed with him; Abraham Lincoln had his Cabinet of Rivals and he would listen to various and sometimes antagonistic opinions. 808 more words