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The perfect response to imposter syndrome

When the imposter syndrome was first identified in 1978, it was initially considered something only women suffered. Since then, it’s become clear to researchers that this anxiety—the inescapable feeling that your success belongs to luck, or your ability to fool people, rather than your innate skills—exists in men at roughly the same rates, and in… 535 more words

D.R.: You were addicted. Why did you get addicted?

A.G.S.: Well, for me, it wasn’t a specific story; it was just that beautiful combination of spending half your day learning and half your day teaching.

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I asked Richard and Larissa what “the Oprah moment” meant for them.

“It means I have an accountant,” Richard said.

–David Remnick “The Translation Wars” 

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And I was told, ‘We cannot do anything without orders from Moscow. And Moscow is silent.’ … But that business of ‘Moscow is silent’ — I got the feeling then that the country no longer existed.

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The wave of suicide bombings in Israel has steadily undermined the assumptions and the habits of everyday life. In Jerusalem, there are guards at the door of nearly every restaurant and cafe.

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“I think fiction comes from everything you’ve ever done, and said, and dreamed, and imagined. It comes from everything you’ve read and haven’t read. It comes from all the things that are in the air.”

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The New Yorker Wimps Out on Age Discrimination

An article on ageism in the November 20 issue of The New Yorker is oddly detached and completely misses the point.

For one thing, The New Yorker fails in the article,  946 more words