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The Anxious Question Mark

It’s anxious, it’s a question mark, it talks.


AM Rush

A Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cafe Mocha scented 100% soy-wax candle. Hand-poured into a recycled beer bottle cut down to create a 5 oz candle. Original art-work by David Scheier, lettering by Miranda Steffens. $6.25


Blue Moon Fever

Jasmine, Orange Blossom, White Roses, Lilac, Violet, Lily and Musk make up the fragrance of this 100% soy wax candle. Hand poured into a recycled wine bottle cut down to 15 ounces. 13 more words


Don't Burn the House Down - From Crayons to Soywax

My first attempt at making candles was when I was about ten and became interested in science. I had a book of kitchen science experiments with activities such as making rock candy, watching dye move up a piece of paper dipped in water, a barometer made of a balloon, a jar and a straw which moved up or down to forecast coming storms. 526 more words


New Candles

New candles complete with scented 100% soy wax, recycled wine bottle containers and original artwork by David Scheier


Point A --> Point B

Final Graduate Reading at Gene Siskel Film Center for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFAW.

David Scheier

Peripheral Vision Poster

Collaborative art work; pen, ink, watercolor. With David Scheier.


Sullivan Galleries

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Miranda Steffens