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Joe Manchin Signs Pledge To Not Do His Job

TYT Politics Contributor David Sirota brings us some unsurprising news–Joe Manchin signed a pledge to “Return to Era of Bipartisan Cooperation and Agreement.” So what does that mean? 11 more words


Bill Moyers: Donald Trump’s Demolition Derby

We’re a week into the Trump administration and it’s pretty obvious what he’s up to. First, Donald Trump is running a demolition derby: He wants to demolish everything he doesn’t like, and he doesn’t like a lot, especially when it comes to government. 964 more words

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Is Hillary Really Threatening Our Social Security?

According to US Uncut, “…a likely Hillary Clinton victory means her intent to defund Social Security may come to fruition.

The Democratic nominee recently came under fire in revealing articles by Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith and International Business Times’ David Sirota, for her potential plans to introduce mandatory retirement savings accounts set up to enrich Wall Street — rather than expanding Social Security. 148 more words

Weapons Deals Rewarded to CF Donors

David Sirota – Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

” . . . A consortium of American defense contractors led by Boeing would deliver $29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to the United States’ oil-rich ally in the Middle East. 125 more words


What Is Hillary Hiding? The Obama Administration Stonewalls Requests for Hillary's Emails With Respect to the Great Income Redistributor: The Trans Pacific Partnership

David Sirota of the International Business Times requested Hillary Clinton’s emails pertaining to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) through the Freedom of Information Act. The request was submitted in July 2015, and specifically asked for all such correspondence that made reference to the TPP. 435 more words