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red earth (as summertime begins)

Non-UK residents will have to excuse me if I am being specifically Britain-centric today, but…..blimey, hasn’t it been hot? You see, us Brits get all excited when the big, yellow glare-ball comes out; then after about 15-minutes, we all start moaning about how “it’s too hot to be stuck in an office” or “it’s fine if you’re on holiday but try sitting on the #42 bus to Preston” and “it’s not the same as heat in the Med” – along with other such nonsense. 1,248 more words

Archival Shots

Some digital art of the most handsome man in the world (from the 80’s)



Friend: What’s your aesthetic?

Me: David Sylvian.

Friend: why…?

Me: *shows my artwork and pictures to use for future artworks*

Friend: Oh. Soooooo crush?

Me: *blush* U-Um.. 32 more words


Behind it all, There’s David Sylvian.


Waiting for a princess?


Pondering in thought?

Look no further! Philosophy from Alchemy: An Index of Infinite Possibilities/ David Sylvian XD


Camera Obscura Alternatives

Over the last few weeks, followers of Steve’s ‘sleepyard’ blog may have noticed him sharing a number of ‘previously unseen’ photos of JAPAN. The images, taken by a range of photographers and spanning the band’s full career – from the pomp & pout of the late 70s, to the pristine poses of the Virgin era – were discovered earlier in the year, and it has been fabulous to finally see some new photos emerge. 202 more words

Steve Jansen