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songs of hopeless selflessness

I’m waiting on the empty docks
Watching the ships come in
I’m waiting for the agony to stop
Oh, let the happiness in 154 more words


Readymade FC - Babilonia

It must have been some time around the end of 2005 when I first heard the charming, childlike chime intro of Cirkus, the opening track on  472 more words


imageshop update

It may seem hard to remember now, but not that long ago information about, and access to, Steve’s photography was pretty hard to come by……18 months ago, the only sure-fire way of being able to find his images was by trawling through his website and ogling the few prints available for sale via his ‘imageshop’ or in the ‘archival shots’ sections. 804 more words

Archival Shots

Forbidden Colours - 1983

Inevitably I got to thinking a lot about David Bowie this week and like many of us, have ended up spending a fair bit on time online looking back at his many guises.  740 more words


' a quiet eye'

I’m not quite sure why it has taken me so long to get around to recording my own thoughts on ‘through a quiet window’? Knowing that the book was in the offing, I had assumed that as soon as I had a copy in my perfectly manicured hands/grubby little paws (delete as applicable), I would have leapt straight onto the scanner and keyboard, reproducing my favourite shots and boring you all stupid with my obviously very intelligent comments about the new images which lay before me….and yet, somehow, it has taken me the best part 10 weeks to actually sit down and make sense of it all. 1,780 more words

Archival Shots

Hypergraphia: The Writings of David Sylvian 1980–2014

Book review by Tim D

‘Hypergraphia – The Writings Of David Sylvian  1980–2014’,  is an impressive hard backed offering featuring 638 pages, mostly in full colour. 264 more words

Book Review

David Sylvian - Playing The Schoolhouse (CCS51)

Review by Tim D

A limited run of 300 cds released by Confront Recordings, ‘Playing The Schoolhouse’ is an EP length composition by David Sylvian recorded in Norway in March 2015… 336 more words

CD Review