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January 6, 1900

Saturday Jan 6  Warm Cloudy misty thawing  I wheeled out much manure for lawn & one tree & terrace  Dave T G Sigler Vic Carris all here for dinner & fed Siglers & Carris horses  Roy Called & took away Calf  is to pay me $4 when he sells oats  he brought 2 ½ butter & I paid him 85c  Mart Slocum came this Eve to get lodging & supper

LeRoy Holden Carr

January 5, 1900

Friday Jan 5  An Extra fine winter day  We & Dave went to Rach Hulls for dinner & PM Mag & I went to joint installation of GAR & WRC   had a first class meeting  I was installed as Commander of post & Mrs John Fleming as Pres of WRC  Holden is mending slowly  Bell Sent us tenderloin

Margaret Taylor Carr

January 4, 1900

Thursday Jan 4  A fine winter day  I visited with Dave most of the time  Called at Holdens  he is better  I wheeled out a few loads manure on my lawn & other places

Benjamin Holden Taylor

Bono and Eugene Peterson on the Psalms

My friend David Taylor along with a host of other folks from Fuller’s new studio project released a video this week that captures the relationship between U2’s Bono and Eugene Peterson over the past 20 years.   134 more words


Leonid Finkelstein

Many readers will know that Leonid Finkelstein passed away at the end of last year. Earlier this month Ray Keene published a fitting tribute in The Times, which can be seen in part at the end of this post (click on the image to expand). 206 more words

Hamilton-Russell General

The Leave Alliance Grows In Support

Brexit for grown-ups

Another passionate and articulate voice joins the ranks of The Leave Alliance, recognising that while UKIP may have helped get us the EU referendum, neither they nor the freshly-designated Vote Leave are in a position to do anything more than preach to the converted. 1,112 more words

UK Politics

Your adventure . . .

David Taylor, in The Naked Leader Experience, suggests that you can become the hero in your own adventure – in your journey towards discovering the life you were born to lead. 99 more words