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Acral Lick Dermatitis

An obsseion with licking itself, dogs will lick the layer of skin off, and keep licking even goin as far as the bone. The wound will try to reheal, but with the dog licking it, they will just lick any new flesh right off. 78 more words

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Dog's and Baby's

Dogs see children as members of the family (or pack) and can be very protective of them with strangers. These desires are more common hen jealousy. 282 more words

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Imprinting 1

The powerful bond that forms an attachment between a young animal and an individual or individuals, frequently including it’s parent’s.  This occurs in young wovles, dogs, bird, and many other mammals.  62 more words

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Scientific beliefs 1

In this day and age most scientists believe that the dog is now likely the direct ancestor to an animal similar to the gray wolf. But in the 19th century Charles Darwin observing the diversity in dog breeds championed the idea that more than one wild ancestor was involved. 22 more words

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The earliest ancestor to not only the canids but also, bears, weasels, racoons, civets, hyenas, and cats. It walked like a modern bear on the soles of it’s feet ( unlike today’s dogs that walk on the tips of their toes). 79 more words

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Procter & Gamble chooses 35-year company veteran as new CEO

Procter & Gamble has named a new CEO for the third time in six years.

The consumer products giant, whose portfolio ranges from Pampers diapers to Gillette razors to Crest toothpaste and dozens of other brands, said on Tuesday that 35-year company veteran David Taylor will succeed A.G. 355 more words


Nature | Lotus Blossom

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Lotus Blossom * by David Taylor

Nurtured by the words of the wise… 48 more words