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Daily David - David in drag

From Much Ado About Nothing

He looks oddly sexy in drag

David Tennant

Cold Hearts and Hot Heads: New Doctor Who Rewatch, Series Three, Part Three

We’re back, with our New Doctor Who rewatch! This week we continue Series Three, looking at two episodes: The Lazarus Experiment and 42. Let’s get started! 2,867 more words

Tenth Doctor: Turn Left

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: Graeme Harper

Producer: Susie Liggat

Series: 4, episode 11

Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), Rose Tyler (Billie Piper)

Summary: Donna is separated from the Doctor and meets a fortune teller who forces her to go back in time and make the one crucial moment that changed her life never happen: meeting the Doctor. 194 more words

Doctor Who

Has David Attenborough got competition? Spy In The Wild viewers are loving David Tennant's voice

David Tennant’s presenting of Spy In The Wild has proven a bit of a success.

The BBC might want to step up production of Planet Earth three, as it looks like lovers of a wildlife documentary have fallen for the soothing tones of a new presenter. 482 more words


Tenth Doctor: Voyage of the Damned

Writer: Russell T. Davies

Director: James Strong

Producer: Phil Collinson

Series: 4, Christmas Special

Companion: Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue)

Summary: The Doctor and his TARDIS crash into the Titanic…IN SPACE! 257 more words

Doctor Who

WATCH: You will long for a pet otter after watching this footage from BBC's enchanting Spy In The World

Forget dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs and capybaras — no cuddly animal is hotter than the sea otter right now.

Yes, following Planet Earth II, the BBC are supplying us with another animal fix, in the form of some intimate footage of otters during a new episode of their show Spy In The World. 424 more words