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"Some Americans Should Not Have Equal Rights?": The Racist Roots Of The GOP’s Favorite New Immigration Plan

The year 1866 was an alarming one for xenophobes: Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, declaring “all persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power…to be citizens of the United States.” Though explicitly intended to grant citizenship to African-Americans, who’d been denied it by the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 1857… 662 more words

GOP Presidential Candidates

Charting the Wrong Courser

Michigan state representative Todd Courser, a Tea Party favorite because of his desire to repeal women, electricity, and the 20th century, and who recently had to admit to having an affair with fellow state representative Cindy Gamrat, is asking his constituents to participate in a focus group to help determine his most favorable response to the scandal. 365 more words

Dear Mitch, 'Focus on murders, not monuments'

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – “Focus on murders, not monuments,” says U.S. Senator David Vitter in a letter addressed to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Wednesday. 240 more words


Poll Worship & The Louisiana Silly Season

I hate articles about polls. There’s way too much poll worship in the world and when the polls are wrong, as they were in the U.K. 1,164 more words


"Trump Proves GOP Proclamations Of Mortal Affront Untrue": He's Only Repeating What His Party’s Has Been Saying All Along

In 2006, then-Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce advocated the return of a 1954 program for the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. It was called “Operation Wetback.” 609 more words


First Obama Phones - Now Obama Web

This week the FCC will review and perhaps vote on a proposal to expand the “Lifeline” telephone subsidy program to include entitlements for broadband internet services for the poor. 530 more words

Our Economic Mess

From Congressman to Senator to Governor, Vitter Keeps Rising

Many of you may not know the name Senator David Vitter. He is the senior Senator from Louisiana, and right now, is also running for Governor of Louisiana. 519 more words