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Any Given Thursday, The David Beggs Story Pt. 1

Welcome to the beginning of the beginning ladies and Gentleman. My name is David Beggs, I’m from Waco and transferred from Baylor. I’ve dabbled a little in html5 and css3 and hope to use javascript at some point in the near future. 41 more words

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Psalm 60: David's song during the Edomite rebellion

We’re going to need,

We’re going to need God’s help, I say.

We know we shouldn’t have to worry.

God’ll have everything going our way. 52 more words

Old Testament

Psalm 59: David's song when hiding from assassins sent by Saul

Since Saul sent those men, I’ve been out of my head.

Hiding all night, cowering in bed.

Well Yahweh, you are so fine,

and I know it wouldn’t take much time… 34 more words


Psalm 58

Only God can judge.

The wicked are donkeys

that won’t budge

from their sties,

but God will smash

their teeth out.

Old Testament

Psalm 86 - How to Praise Under Pressure

Today’s passage
: Psalm 86

Today’s chocolateGreen & Black’s Organic Mint Dark Chocolate topped with Justin’s Almond Butter

Are you afflicted and needy? Then has David got some good news for you: God is good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon him (5). 359 more words