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Less is More

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

– Leonardo DaVinci

Over the past few days, I have had many ideas of what to compose for a blog post, but writer’s block took over my train of thought and just kept moving past station after station. 351 more words



This is starting to be like my personal motivational diary lately.. I do have a few things in the works. Keeping it real.


Wake up.. 26 more words


So there's a...

new track I recorded today, CHECK IT OUUUT!


This is NOT Da Vinci!

Today was New Tech Network training day.  Honestly I didn’t learn much, but I did get to meet the art teacher at the school we visited and she was very helpful. 138 more words


A Helping Hand

A note to the Broad Museum:

They prefer to be called “chicks” or “girls” these days. One would think that being so “contemporary” and all that you’d know this. 24 more words


Second Sabbath Week

Well this sabbath week was a bit more restful and yet busy.

We spent time with family and friends.

The boys took their second forensic geology class, we volunteered at the Wilson Education Resource Center, and Bakersmom and the boys cleaned and arranged the boys bedroom. 133 more words


5. Ulusal Fıtık Kongresi açılış konuşmam

Saygıdeğer Hanımefendiler, Değerli Meslektaşlarım,

5. Ulusal Fıtık Kongresi’ne hoşgeldiniz.

İnsanlık tarihinin, yaşadığımız bu zaman diliminde gelişmeler baş döndürücü. İlk kişisel bilgisayarla 80’lerin sonunda tanıştık, şimdi cebimizde taşıyoruz. 294 more words