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When Life Gives You Lemons...

… make Limoncello! Or as I like to call it: Italian Moonshine

My Uncle has been making this stuff for a few years, now. I began my first batch on Black Friday 2014, hoping it would be done in time for New Years. 476 more words

Using Offline Reference Clips in Resolve

This article was originally published on PremiumBeat’s blog.

Using offline clips is important when establishing yourself as a serious colorist. Learn how in this DaVinci Resolve Tutorial.

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DaVinci Resolve Tips: Pull Better Keys

This article was originally published on PremiumBeat’s blog.

The experienced colorist is able to pull fast keys to ensure the session progresses at a quick pace.

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Reality and Perception

Everything that exists, in order to exist, must first be processed by the mind. Only through our thinking and contemplation do we really understand we are. 291 more words

Art and the Artist

If you looked at the Mona Lisa, you would think of Da’Vinci too. Why? Because he painted it… Simple.

Yet many people admire beaches, sunsets, sunrises, mountains, rock formations, and even other people, without so much as thinking of God who by his Creativity made all things. 111 more words

Davinci Resolve Tutorial - Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Look

URL: https://youtu.be/oiTud8O3soE

If you guys read my last post “Taylor Swift – Blank Space” I’ve mentioned a tutorial made by “Miesner Media” Which shows you exactly how to achieve the color grade seen in Taylor Swift’s video.



Day 10: Rome to Florence

Apologies for taking soooo long to get another post up. I know I haven’t finished logging my trip, so will do so before getting back to my normal antics. 530 more words