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rebuilding rainbow city

Davis residents all know Rainbow City, beloved playground made of wood and built by the community in Community Park years ago. I remember when I first came here, thinking that if I were a kid in Davis, this would have been my favourite playground, and I know for my own son, it pretty much was. 207 more words


Davis Protesters Speak Out Against Gandhi Statue

DAVIS (CBS13) — Protesters are speaking out about plans to install a statue honoring Mahatma Gandhi in Davis Central Park.

City leaders approved the statue months ago, but they are now reconsidering the decision. 186 more words


constructing the manetti shrem, part eight

Now look at this. Another UC Davis construction project I have been following since last year, now almost finished. The Manetti Shrem Museum of Art formally opens on November 13, but look! 121 more words


Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter III

School Play

Barbados was once a British colony, and the dominant culture was English. When we were in school we held British passports, and many Barbadians thought of themselves as English. 141 more words


answers on a postcard

Well, what else has been going on on the UC Davis campus this summer? Building work, hot days, Delta breezes, summer sessions classes, and lunchtime drawings in a post-Manchester-symposium sketching-energy spike. 676 more words


Anthony Davis (1949-2009) Chapter II

When I was 12, we went with our parents to America. This trip was Herbert’s “Long Leave,” as he was required to travel north every few years. 191 more words