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Not Your Granddaddy's Tall Tales: Davy Crockett

I love Tall Tales. They’re like the comic books that people told to each other around the campfire when they got tired of listening to that one ghost story about an undead revenant that haunted a campfire… 1,348 more words

Tall Tales

´╗┐Disney's Streaming Service. New Idea or Improving an Old One?

Seventeen years ago, America On-Line (AOL), a brash dotcom company, acquired the long-time media giant Time Warner. At the time the marriage of the leading internet service provider and one of the largest holders of media and pictures in the world, was seen as the creation of a 21st century media giant and the future of how we would download, view and use, pictures, movies, news, etc. 1,325 more words

Walt Disney

Fall in the Woods

Growing up playing in the woods all summer was wonderful. We ran over the trails and played Cowboys and Indians, Davey Crockett, and Daniel Boone. We had no video games or smartphones. 440 more words


Old Grizzly Bear

“An empty cab pulled up in front of Congress this morning, and Mike Michaud got out.” Only ever voted the party line. Man’s an empty suit; trained monkeys could have performed better, and I’m glad he got sent back home to Maine. 1,001 more words

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